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Growth Factor Serum for recovery

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Hey guys -

I am trying to recover my skin from fraxel damage(hypo,hyper,orange skin) and came across growth factor serum for recovery. Where can I buy this serum? Which brand? Appreciate any advice/pointers. 


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Don't expect miracles from growth factor.
The only genuine serum without garbage ingredients and a decent price I come across is a galenic serum from Farmacia Parati, near where I live in Italy. They sell online but I don't know if worldwide or not.
Inci: IGF1, alfa FGF, beta FGF, EGF, KGF, Copper Tri Peptide, KGF, Plancton Extract, Jaluronic Acid.
50ml: 40€


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49 minutes ago, skinzen said:

Thank you. 

seems almost impossible to purchase :(

On Skinactives they sell EGF. U can purchase an HA serum and add the growth factor by yourself. Maybe on ebay u can find some pure EGF or FGF. Don't waste too much money with >100$ serums lol 
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Thank you so much. I am desperately trying to heal my skin. I will keep you posted on my recovery and if EGF specifically helped. 

Physical Symptoms I am trying to heal: Orange peel skin, hypo and hyper pigmentation, patchy skin, demarcation lines, loss of volume from Fraxel Laser Damage. 

Products I am trying :
1. Emu oil
2. Raw organic honey
3. Demraroller .5 mm  - tried it only once so far
4. Calendula OIl and calendula gel
5. Ceramide oil (just had a sample, need to buy more)
6. Oral supplements like MSM, Collagen, Hyaloruonic , Pycogenol, omega

Products to try 
1. Dermaroller 1.0 and dermastamp 1.0 (ordering today)
2. Growth factor serum
3. DML lotion (ordered). Somebody suggested a protocol to apply it 6 times a day for 5 days. so cheap so decided to try.
4. Repair cream from Muac (ordered)
5. Niancimide (ordered)
6. Emuaid (ordered)

Tried and discontinued
1. Fresh ginger to treat hypopigmentation, Burns the skin too much. Will try again.
2. Paula's Choice AHA - didnt want to take chances with any any acids now. may be add later.
3. Vitamin C - Not gonna use anything drastic on skin untl I have recovered it enough.
Yet to reesearch
1. oxygen facial
2. melamix and melamin by obagi

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If you're looking for an AHA, but without the potential for irritation you could look into a serum with lactobionic acid. Whenever I tried glycolic acid in the past it would cause irritation for me, but the serum I use that has lactobionic acid works just as good without the side effects for me. It's an organic line from Italy. 

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