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I struggled with acne all of my teenage years leading into my adult life. It damaged my confidence and how I felt overall. Makeup covered some but not very much. I never really took care of my skin and you could tell. I started using the acne.org regimen about 2 months ago and it litterally changed my life. Along with drinking lots of water, eating healthy and following my skin care routine precisely and consistently, my skin cleared up very quickly. I attached some pictures of how my skin looked in December/January and then how my skin looks as of now in April. since my skin has cleared my main focus is maintaining my clear skin and preventing new breakouts from happening. I still get hormonal breakouts however they aren't as drastic. During that time of the month I used to get 4-5 new breakouts easily. Now I get 1 at the most. Whenever I get a new pimple I make sure to NOT pick at it and let it be. That is so sooo hard however it's so important. I try to wear as little makeup as possible and usually none at all. Cutting down my makeup use helped a lot. My makeup was clogging my pores and doing more harm than good. I always make sure to take my makeup off as soon as I get home and I wash my face using the acne.org facial cleanser morning and night. After I gently cleanse my face I then apply the benziol peroxide only over my "problem areas." I really do feel like the benziol peroxide is what cleared my skin, it is really amazing. since my skin tends to get very dry,  I wait about 15 minutes before liberally applying the moisturizer. I never skip this routine and that's why I feel like my skin has cleared so quickly. I Hope this helps those that are out there struggling with their skin and that this gives you some hope. Remember that the key is to be consistant. 









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