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Hypo Pigmentation from Fraxel

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Hey guys -

I am new to this community and hopefully will find some help here.  After battling with acne for a few years, I finally got it cleared and went it for fraxel to clear a few scars.  Worst mistake ever. Infact the day I was going for my fraxel my niece even commented my skin was glowing. :(  Anyways, the fraxel has now left white spots on several places on my skin and I have to idea how to treat it. Its devastating because now I have no acne but a horrible new problem. I would take  back that acne anytime because I knew what to do , right now I am so depressed and desperate.  If abybody has any suggestions, please please help. 


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It sounds like hypopigmentation. What did your doctor suggest?

We have a section on hypopigmentation in the faq (below signature), you goto the skin section and find hypopigmentation.

There is a laser which takes many treatments, uvb and growth hormone (protocol in faq).

Latisse Bimatoprost can be spot treated to the areas.

Medical Tattooing for pigment and burn issues. 


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Thank you so much for your response. I am trying to learn and soak up as much information as I can. 

Looks like the doctor did multiple passes and high setting and now my skin is ruined.  He admitted that the laser caused the white patches and that time should improve it.  I didnt know what to do but walked out with a sunken heart.

What is the laser that helps ?

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