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Hey guys so I have combination oily and sensitive skin with mild acne and my skin is very prone to breakouts now and then and I had really bad scarring on my cheeks and forehead because I am a picker (I know, bad) but I tell you my current regimen is working wonders! Here's how;

The main product I think is reducing my scars is the Kojic Acid soap by Koji San. This is a whitening soap which helps to lighten blemishes and fade them over time. I bought a deal on eBay for 3 bars for around £13, I'm already on my second bar because they are a little bit small but it has been the most effective thing I have been using to clear the scars in my opinion. I use this soap morning and night (in the morning make sure to use a hydrating moisturiser with SPF if you are going outside). at night I like to use aloe Vera to moisturise my face followed by clearasil's anti blemish treatment and a spot treatment of nadinola fade cream.

as well as all the products, I have also been taking acne clearing supplements I got at my local chemist, I have previously tried the more expensive over the counter ones but they weren't as effective as the ones I take now (boots alternative acne relief) which are also a lot cheaper. The main ingredients in this are burdock root extract and blue flag which is a traditional herbal medicidinal product for skin relief

i also take L-glutathione tablets which is a natural skin brightening supplement with numerous health benefits such as immune function, anti aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxident, liver health, etc.

on top of all this I am also drinking plenty of water, green tea, eating lots of fruit and veg and also exercising where possible. I hope this helps anyone suffering the same sort of issue. I am very sorry I don't have before and after pictures because when my scarring was really bad I was disgusted with my skin and never thought to take any. This please take my word, my scars on my cheeks are nearly invisible! He whole process took around 1-2 months.

Note: i am not trying to change the colour of my skin I am just trying to lighten the scars.

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