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I went to a derm to take care of what may be a keloid on my back, and they prescribed some topical acne products. They said that because I had a keloid on my back, and I have had acne on my back in the past, we should take care of my acne to prevent future keloids (if I have scarring type acne). I was told to buy a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash otc, and I have two scripts, one is a benzoyl peroxide gel treatment, the other is tretinoin aka Retin-A. I've washed my face three times with the wash (as instructed) and what I believe are closed comedomes are already shrinking.

Any positive or negative experiences with these meds? I was happy to get topical meds with few to no side effects. (Mainly redness, itching, dryness, etc) I will update after a few weeks-a month on these products.


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I am still using the BP wash and the tretinoin cream, but I had a severe reaction to the Clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide. I got chemical burn all over my face, and for hours after applying the gel, my face burned and peeled. I went to my primary and they told me to discontinue use of that product. I have a new product to use, and will update after some time of being on that as well.


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They recommended using sunblock, no particular brand, just SPF 50 or higher. And to not stay out in the sun for long periods of time for the first few weeks.


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It's been a few months, and my skin is better than ever! It took a few weeks to find exactly the routine for me, and I did have to adjust what the dermatologist recommended, but I still stick pretty closely to the regimen.

I'm currently using - 
A 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash every 3 days or so
A more gentle salicylic acid face wash most days
Occasionally a homemade soap for when my skin is being sensitive
Clindamycin phosphate, probably about once a week
Tretinoin, once or twice a week (I have to say, I think the tretinoin is the thing that really worked for me
And I do homemade clay masks once or twice a week
I exfoliate maybe twice a month

The texture of my skin is amazing, and whenever I see a pimple coming up I can usually zap it in less than a week. I used to get these weird pimples that never had heads and wouldn't pop, they looked like little beads under my skin almost. You couldn't see then unless you looked closely or in certain lighting, but they are completely gone. 

I never used to get compliments on my skin, but now I get them frequently. I didn't ever wear foundation before, but now I don't even need to.

I will add that the beauty community often makes us think we need the gentlest cleansers and exfoliants out there, but sometimes you do need something stronger. 

I hope I helped someone by sharing my experience. :)


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