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Acne scars healing on their own?

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Hey guys, I have stopped my active acne about 3 months ago, I only had mild-moderate acne (I believe) but did pop a few pimples here and there was a proper dermatologist tool that they use. However, I think I have seen mild scarring, (my mum says she only sees hyper pigmentation but it's what I believe and it's my thoughts that make me self conscious.) Anyways, I have been looking on the internet furiously for about 1-2 months now on if acne scars will heal on their own. I have seen multiple posts on acne.org stating the fact whether they do or don't,  but there is always mixed arguments, saying that they don't and they do. I have also seen doctors telling people online that acne scars can heal themselves within 2 years, so I decided to see what the best thing to do is to influence this healing which in my opinion is eating a carrot each day and getting 2x the amount of vit c needed. I dont believe that topical supplements can create permanent affects, that's why I have changed my diet to consume all of the nutrients required for greater collagen production and elasticity (vit c, e, a etc.).

Anyways, that's not the point of this post xD. I was wondering if it is true that acne scars can heal themselves or if they cannot. I understand the more severe acne scars may not, but I have shallow acne scars. When I go up to a mirror I can see they are under 0.5-0.25 mm. All  comments are welcomed :D Even if they don't give me the answer I want to hear :P (P.s I am a male 17, blond hair so fair complexion.)

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Sure you can heal yourself, depends on the type of scar, how long you have had it, and how you take care of yourself, health, nutrition, healing history, how much you sleep, junk you eat, smoking and drinking, etc. Some people scab their knee and heal, others scar or have issues (genetics). Age also your 17, many grow out of their acne and issues at that age. I would listen to your mom, Hyperpigmentation is the body healing itself from prior acne issues, takes a long time. But your question also has the other side some people don't heal, get sick, have auto immune issues, and scar easily. The older you get and with other health issues the more it can effect you. I think when your younger you should wait longer to see if you heal, as acne scar treatment can also harm you or cause worse issues (but some have no other choice). 

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