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Acne at 19 not slowing down anytime soon

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I am currently a 19 year old male and have suffered from acne since 14 or so. Until about 18 my acne was not severe at all but relatively mild and didn't notice it much. At 18 my acne went way downhill as I began getting inflamed acne all over my cheeks and jawline. I was prescribed just about everything from minocycline, differen, Retin a, clindamycin, and bactrim. With little to no success, I completed a 6 month round of accutane which was pretty miserable. Being optimistic I figured my acne would be done. Low and behold both my acne and oil production returned around 3 months after. Now 6 months post accutane I am on bactrim, plexion (sulfur wash), and sulfacetamide topical and still receive breakouts. Obviously not as severe prior to tane, but enough to bother me. Looking for some encouraging comments as I hope to soon "grow out" of this. Truly do not understand how I could still have acne considering all my treatments and the lack of acne my parents have. As you all know acne is very diminishing to self image and only gets harder as you age. If you have any stories/experiences that would be awesome.

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Honestly man, 

over washing with all these chemicals is stupid. I recently just gave up and now only use water and moisterizer (and maybe a acprocot face exfloiator 1x a week) and my skin is improving.

also look into your diet...I think diary and processed food would be the main culprit. And drink some apple cider vinegar which will help with digestion.

good luck.

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Try drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar at night before bed. It'll boost your immune system and like I said help with digestion.

And again lay off all the products. I wasted so much money on products and washing my face way too often. People with clear skin don't have cleansers or toners or any of this garbage.  Ask your buddies with clear skin what they use and they'll probably tell you they wash with a bar of soap every now and then.

I'm telling you this now myou skin is about 80% clear and I'm super happy today :). Compared to last week where my skin was like "burnt" and inflamed from all the products.

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