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Hi guys,

need your advice. I've suffering with cystic acne for around 3 years. Checked my hormones - everything is normal, slightly high FSH. Otherwise it's all fine. But I still breakout in the middle of my cycle on my cheeks like crazy. I have a huge red mark on my right cheek now and I simply want to cry. I have done everything: natural approach, tcm, diet. Name it. I can't find the cause. I am also very slim because of dieting.  Red somewhere that not enough fat in a body can cause hormonal acne. Do you think it could be an issue? How do you fight?

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YES! I have anorexia so I know that not enough fat can cause these types of breakouts. Ive recently started eating healthy fats (somehow have NOT gained weight) but my acne is definitely better and I dont get as many cysts any more. I know I need to keep this up and over time I reckon ill see an even better result. My psychologist  (who is also very educated on nutrition as she use to have an eating disorder aswell),  has been trying to get me to add good fats into my diet and after years I finally decided to do it because my acne got to a ridiculously bad. So yeah, ive seen an improvement but I also need to stress how important water is. My body personally needs 3L a day sometimes 3.5 litres. Find what amounts work for you and stick to it. It really does help.

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Over the past 5 months when my acne got really bad, It spread to my cheeks and forehead, but my main areas are around my mouth and chin/jawline. I pretty much get all types of acne but blackheads are only on my nose. 

The good fats ive started with having are seeds, (pumpkin seeds), eggs (I have 2 a day), an avocado and sometimes almonds. I also use a small amount of avocado oil and chia seeds in my porridge.

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