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What about my Scars

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i'm a little bit lost.. I feel depressed ... because of my scars and I have 4 months to wait before going to the dermatologist...

Can anyone help me with my scars ? (Identification, treatment?..)

Thank you so much

I'm using the regimen since 4 months (with AHA)



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The major issue I see here is hyperpigmentation aka PIE, the after effects of acne. To even out the redness would majorly help in your case. Vascular laser aka V-beam / Quadrostar Pro would help with the pigment issues, it does nothing for the "scars." Uniform color would help alot. You can checkout more of those treatments in the faq below "skin" section and find PIE.

You have box car scars / a few shallow rolling scars, the walls of the scars are not defined. I would spot treat on the cheeks since that is what I see TCA peels and alternate with microneedling aka http://derminator.com which many of us use. You would do this for a year and once a month each. This would help with the texture of the scars. 

Finally Retin A cream / tretinoin / isotex / retinoid would help with cell turn over if used on a regular basis, it's vitamin A.

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Thank you so much for your awnser!!

The walls are not defined means that my scars are not totaly fixed? (finished?)
So, I'm going to the doctor next week to buy Retinol A in a first time and maybe try microneedling but it's soo expensive 150$ .. !

Do you think it's a good idea? :)

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The walls are not defined of your acne pits thus they are box cars

Do whatever you can afford, Microneedling is not that expensive with scar treatments... if you buy the machine http://derminator.com one treatment at a DR is that price, you can do as many as you need at home. If the red does not go away with the retin a / tretinoin / isotex/ retinoid (called different things ) after a few months you will need skin bleaching cream hydroquinone.


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Oh okeeey! :smileys_n_people_16::smileys_n_people_16: I've got all in mind now!

I'll try retin a first of all and maybe add determinator after few months !

Thank you, thank you so muuuuch! ;D
I'll keep this webpage since it'll be better!

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