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Pityrosporum folliculitis skin redness

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Ok so I had a weird rash of bumps suddenly appear a month ago across my chest. Tiny little bumps mixed with slighter larger red pustules. I was on prednisone at the time and though maybe it was a reaction? However after stopping meds and it still not subsiding for 9 days I went to the derm. He took a biopsy and diagnosed it as pitytosporum folliculitis from a fungal yeast. Likely indeed caused by the prednisone lowering my immune system plus I'd been under a lot of stress. I was given selenium sulfide wash and oral fluconazole. Fast forward two weeks and I have seen no improvement. In fact it had spread to back, neck, and face...mainly jawline. This is a nightmare! What's worse though is that the skin on my neck and chest are bright red and constantly burn! It even keeps me up at night. I've heard the bumps can itch but has anyone experienced burning and overall skin redness? I'm wondering if this is yet a separate issue! Going back to the derm tomorrow but if anyone has any experience please help! Thanks all 

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I have something very similar. Soooo many tiny bumps at every hair follicle on my chest and neck. Mixed with red bumps too that has a horrible burning sensation it feels like a sunburn and so sensitive to the touch. I’ve never had acne on my body and rarely get a pimple on my face but no dermatologist will test it. 

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It sounds like folliculitis for sure. Dermatologists are soooo frustrating and I've gone through several and only found one who has any common sense. Most glance for a second and send toumoff without examining and testing like they should. I kelt getting told it was hormonal acne even though like you Id never had body acne and Im in my 30s. For my chest and back I tried Calming Zinc soap from Dr Bailey's website. I'm not sure where you're located but she's in California. I don't know if she ships outside of US depending on where you're at. I tried itnon my neck but my skin was too sensitive there for it I thinkm It's so uncomfortable I feel for you and know exactly how you feel. Keep trying to find a descent derm.

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First they did a scraping to look under the microscope. The Dr. Didn't see anything but said they're often hard to see. So then he did a shave biopsy and it came back positive....pityrosporum. Ask for a biopsy.

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