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*copied from general acne as it seems to be dead. Tried to delete post but couldn't figure out how*

Hello all,

Recently I visited my dermatologist for advice on my cyst acne, which leaves indented scars. I was given 'Lymecycline capsules' and 'Epiduo'. I tried talking scar removal but the doctor wanted to focus on the acne and suggested laser removal down later down the road. Being a member on this forum, I received great help and have my own scar removal plan. I thought it was interesting how she was against TCA but was into the idea of laser removal. To my knowledge the do the same thing. 

After a few days, I found a massive lump of cyst acne on my hairline. Very pain, even to speak or move my face. I was very careful and applied Epiduo. I was shocked when my face started to peel because I wasn't told this was basically retin a cream, as I haven't been wearing sunscreen. 

Below is the picture. I know it's not clear but its very large and has gone a very dark color from bleeding, I assume. What you don't see is the cyst going further into my hairline.

Depressed as I don't want it to scar and take my hair with it. 

My scar plan to remove indented scars if anyone is interested is changing up from derma rolling to TCA peels every 4 weeks. People on this forum have been lovely with their advice. 

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It looks angry - cyst area. Have you tried putting honey and aloe vera on it or triple antibiotic cream. You might have to lay off any creams on this spot till it clears up. If it's infected you can use warm compresses to bring it to a head. 

TCA and microneedle are similar to laser, but they do not use high energy (Side effects - like fat loss), and don't make doctors any money. Lasers are quick and high dollar treatments. This is why they push them.

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@beautifulambition - Firstly  I want to say sorry! I didn't see your post. Since time has passed, the cyst themselves scabbed over and peeled. All that is left is red but from what I can see no scarring. Very bizarre. I have smaller spot on my cheeks (7) and they have all deeply intended. Crazy these big cysts are totally fine.

I am on lymecycline and Epiduo. In a month or two, I will have to revisit my doctor for stronger tablets because lymecycline from what I can see, isn't helping. 

I would like to let you know that I think you are doing great work on this forum. Been a member since 2014 but in the past 2yrs my skin has gone from a few scars to not having any good patches of skin left. I would be in a much worse place if you didn't respond and help out.



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