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Is it possible to almost remove my scarring? ??

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20170319_121640.jpgOk so I'll start with a little back story.

I'm 26 year old and a female.

I had my first child in 2010..... and that's when my awful cystic acne started. It lasted 2 years and cleared up a little... I then had my second child in 2013 and my acne was the worst it ever was. At one point I didn't leave my house for a month! 

anyway my acne has been clear for about a year with the odd breakout but touch wood the god awful acne is at bay.

but what I physically can not deal with is my acne scarring. .. I have a few red marks which I can easily cover up but it's the pitted rolling scars that made me feel hideous!!!

make up will not help it, and my confidence is so low that I cant have anyone look at me, my husband says he sees past that and he still thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, but..... I don't see myself attractive at all!!! All I as is the awful scarring.. I hate being in sunlight I hate lights on my face I hate photos and i genuinly think I look repulsive.... 

I've spent fortunes on creams etc  and nothing has helped. The next step is laser treatment but I physically can not afford it right now

I just want my old skin back I want to feel good about myself like I used to. I hate people who have good skin!!!! 

I just want to see me again and not these scars. I just hate it. And as you can see on my chin there is ahuge indent of where I had a bad reacurring cystic spot and the really bad scarring in my cheeks.  This is both sides

pics included

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Can you tell me where this pitted rolling scar in the pic is, I don't see it? Scars make shadows use a flashlight to take a photo. I don't see a "huge" spot on your chin or cheek and I help people all the time. 

First of all it sounds like your suffering emotionally from this, and that can be hard. May I suggest therapy. It has been helpful to many dealing with the body dysmorphia of having acne and it's results. There is low cost counseling at colleges, even if you do not goto one. Also there is a smart phone app so you don't have to leave the house called Talkspace which is great. It really does help with the overall percentage of help with scars.  

Ok regarding your scars for rolling atrohic scars the treatment of choice is subcision with filler. It will take about 3 sessions. I have a description of this procedure i the faq (below signature) look at subcision section and the doctors at the bottom. If you cannot afford that right now I suggest microneedling aka derminator.com is a great machine cheaper than a treatment and tca spot peels, you alternate monthly for a year. TCA and Microneedling are in the faq as well.

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1490344198926-1852739393.jpgok so here's some more close ups. I used the flash so you can see how bad they really are 1490344136324-2041262233.jpg

I think my scarring is a 9 out of 10 so was wondering out of 10 what you think it is? 
is there a way i can possible get them almost clear?
I live in the UK so would need somewhere here and i need something that has little down time due to work 

1490344536690-879595913.jpgthis is what they look like without a flash 1490344555628-745612907.jpg

20170322_105312.jpg1490344536690-879595913.jpgthis is what they look like without a flash 1490344555628-745612907.jpg

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My answer still stands, thanks for posting more pictures. Your scars are not a 9 out of 10 I have seen all sorts of scarring and help people all the time. I would say they are moderate. Filler and subcision especially for the chin scars is your best bet for this as you need low down time and quick results. See Dr. Chu he is in the UK. I would also Microneedle, you can even do this at home, derminator.com and do tca spot peels.

Once again all these sections are in my faq below to learn more. 

Dr. Chu's contact is at the bottom.

Goodluck with treatment.

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I don't have active acne anymors so I wouldn't need the isotex I only have the odd spot now and then.

thank you for your advice. So I wouldn't need any laser treatment? Just use the derma roller at home and then look into getting the subcision and filler done by a professional 

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I would get a few tca peels from what I see in the pictures TCA is the best, [Redacted], spot treat,, there is a extensive posting linked in the faq. Data shows TCA peels, microneedling, subcision and filler are your best bets. 

Isotex can also be used for skin turnover, not just acne, it's marketed for acne, but in the USA Retin A or tretinoin is used as upkeep to have high cell turnover (vitamin a) aka retinoid, in some creams they are using it for aging as well, kike Paula's choice, etc. 

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