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Minocycline stopped working

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im 32 years old , female, been on minocycline for over a year, when I first started this a year ago I took it and felt like it worked instantly my face was finally clear, my doctor then changed my prescription to 50mg every other day so I can get off it for good and I was hopping my skin was going to stay clear, definitely not the case, as soon as I started the 50 mg every other day I started to get zits on my cheeks I was so upset, so he put me back on 100mg was ok for a month or so but now my face is the worse it's ever been, cheeks,and jawline horrible, I even take 200mg one day, 100mg one day and alternate it's been two weeks doing this and no changes but I find it getting worse, im assuming the antibiotic is being rejected by my body and I should just stop taking it I have an apt with a dermatologist here in Toronto but it's only in April which seems so far away I don't know what else to do, even the benzycline gel for my face wont do anything but make my skin so dry I don't know what else to do , im thinking I might go back to my doctor next week maybe hell suggest a temp antibiotic other than mincocycline and NO ACCUTANE I want to have kids hopefuly next year so I can't take Accutane and I hope and pray this dermatologist (I heard shes one of the  best in Toronto) will finally help me and I can finally a stress freee HAPPY life again.
anyone else in the same situation as me?
I feel like I am alone, my friends all have nice clear skin I feel like I cant talk to them about how I am feeling =(

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I tried minocycline before, honestly I wouldn't take long term antibiotics.  They will mess with your gut and lose effectiveness.

Other than accutane, to the best of my knowledge topical treatments is all we have.  Get on dan's regimen.

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your story, but try to stay positive. There is a solution for you, we just have to find what works (physiologically and practically).

I don't like seeing doctors prescribing AB's for such a long period of time, over a year is ridiculous. It's just opening you up for digestive issues, skin hypersensitivity and antibiotic resistance (that doesn't mean you will be resistant to all antibiotics, but I would wager a bet to say that you now have some resistance to cyclines (ie. doxy, mino, tetra, etc). 

Unfortunately I feel that in a desperate attempt to remedy bodily issues we overdo it and it only makes it worse (long term).

I'm not a doctor, however I am a registered nurse with further studies in biomedicine and tertiary paramedicine, and I struggled with my own skin issues for years before 'seeing the light'. We question, and are trained to question doctors orders that we don't think add up, because most of the time they are just trying to fix one issue whilst disregarding the other cause by the first treatment, which is why I believe all western medicine, traditional medicine (like Chinese) and naturopathy all have a place, we just need to use them in appropriate circumstances.

So, my recommendation: Cease the minocycline, and start taking a good quality, broad spectrum probiotic. Even if you choose not to cease minocycline  (which is definitely your choice), still get a probiotic and take it 6+ hours after your AB, depending on when you take the AB. For instance if you take the AB at night, take a probiotic in the morning, if you take the AB in the morning, have a probiotic after lunch or immediately before dinner.

Second, if you are 32, do you have any hormonal imbalances, any issues with your reproductive system (diagnosed) or abnormal menstruation? I would say you have some sort of imbalance. I would suggest to go back to basics... Look at how you can improve your diet, meaning: eliminating/restricting dairy, reducing processed fructose intake, increasing whole fruits and vegetable, good water intake, plus ensuring a strong omega 3 intake (moisture of animal and plant based sources - they're different). I note that your username is "Stressed123".. Well stress, like sleep deprivation, lack of exercise and medications can disrupt your intrinsic hormone levels, and being a woman (no offence intended) you're already prone to large fluctuations throughout your menstrual cycle.

If you are seeing your doctor and still want to try something pharmacological, talk about spironolactone. It's an anti-androgen/androgen regulator available to women who may be experiencing acne due to hormone imbalances, eg. poly-cystic ovaries. However I would urge you to try natural first. I know it takes a big toll on you, i've been there, but I would appreciate it if you could try.

Again, being that you're 32 you are probably more open to 'alternative' treatments. In addition to everything I've already said (remember the body is complex, everything is interconnected, therefore conditions are multifactorial), try oil cleansing. Look it up, it sounds gross but the results can  be dramatic, life changing dramatic. Look up what's good to use and what to steer clear of. I can give  you more info if you like but I have been spending a lot of time on here answering questions of late so I would also appreciate if you could do some homework then ask me for clarification on anything you don't fully understand. Remember organic makes a difference, look for products based, not only on what's in them, but what they're in. I would take a dark glass (light limiting) bottle over a clear plastic bottle any day. Then there's also glycolic and salicylic acid formulations (extra emphasis on glycolic acid).. Good for your too, but try to stay away from benzoyl peroxide.

And lastly, give it time. Nothing worth using will make a significant difference overnight. It's about getting your body back to being as self reliant as possible, rather than having to rely on hoards of chemicals, treatments and medications. However if your (assumed) hormone imbalance is due to something like PCOS then you have no choice but to use spironolactone. But still try eliminating dairy. Imagine that we have a 'hormone threshold', go over it and you break out, stay under it and your sweet. You're just trying to stay under the line. That's why some women only break out whilst they're ovulating or menstruating (we're all different).

Have a browse, see what you think and get back to me if you have any other questions.

Good luck!
(Don't forget to like my post if it helps).

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wow Nathan thank you so much GREAT information and great help I really appreciate it !!!

I have been staying away from dairy but my face remains the same I find, I did start taking a probiotic ( which I should have from the start :( ) I don't think my acne is hormonal, my period is always on time and I seem to have zits on my face everyday not just around my time of the month, I only started to get chin acne in Feb before that I only had a few on my cheeks it's so weird but I hope it goes away.  I went to my family DR yesterday again and he finally gave me a referral to go see a Dermatologist, so I'm going to go see two in April I want to hear what each of them have to say and see which one seems good and honest with a good plan to help me clear up and stay off antibiotics.  I will remain on minocycline until I see a dermatologist and go from there.  I am also doing some research on possibly going to see a naturopathy, I sleep well, I do stress a lot but acne has been my cause of stress I worry too much about it but then again when I look at the mirror and see my skin this way it makes me very sad and stressed, a few years ago I had beautiful natural glowing skin, never wore make up now I feel forced to wear it its depressing but like my husband says there is much worse out there take it easy it will get better, I try to stay positive, I do also want to start working out I know working out helps with stress and hormones, I drink a lot of water and eat fruits everyday, I'm vegetarian and a  a picky eater , but I hope a dermatologist can help me out and make me feel good again,

Thank you so much for your great information, very helpful  you are great and very kind for helping others!!!


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Good plan, see your dermo and consider what they say. Get the probiotic though, your GIT will thank you and you may notice an instant improvement in general well-being.

Don't thin that your acne can't be hormone driven because you have constant acne and not fluctuating. I was just using the menstrual cycle as an example why some women only break out a certain times. Actually, considering that you have only had acne since your late 20's, it's more likely that you do have some intrinsic or pathological factor driving it. All your 'standard' causes (for want of a better term) will usually present, in some degree, well before late 20's.

Do explore all options and remember, even if it is intrinsic, acne is multifactorial. It's rare that just one thing will solve something. You have to consider everything. Some things are easier to address than others but everything has to be tailored to your skin type and intrinsic baseline. But, goodluck.  I hope you find some positive answers from (both) dermos, and do try to stay positive, you can beat it! I hope they don't just whack you on another 'patch' solution.

(Sorry but I won't be answering any more questions beyond today. I received just enough backlash from a post last night to make me rethink my position on this site. Some people just don't want to hear how it is. I'll leave it to everyone else and there respective medical treating teams).

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