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Hi there,

I'm looking for clarification when it comes to clearing my dark spots. I bought the acne.org treatment (cleanser, BP treatment, moisturizer and AHA). I don't currently have any active acne other than little bumps that showed up as you see in the pictures below while using the BP. All of the dark spots that I currently have on my face, chest and back are due to excessive picking. (Although I know I shouldn't, it's due to anxiety that I pick at the pimples I would get).

What I'd like to know, do I have to use the benzoyl peroxide when only looking to fade dark marks? 
I was thinking of only applying the AHA every other night on my face/neck and nightly on my chest. 

I pray for clear skin again! :( 


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First question, have you seen a dermatologist that specializes in skin of people of color?  I finally chose one and the first thing she said was NO MORE Benzoyl Peroxide because it dries out the skin too much actually causing more breakouts because our skin will overproduce the oil that is causing the breakouts.  The second thing she recommended was to use a good, creamy moisturizer at night and of course, moisturizer with SPF and a vitamin C serum during the day.  And feel free to reapply during the day if you don't wear make up . . because, the SPF and vitamin C help block the UV rays that make the marks show up darker.  The marks are actually the cells that went to the location of the acne to heal it but got all clumped together and end up making a dark mark.  I've had acne and marks since puberty, until I found this doctor who REFUSED to give me those pills because they wouldn't be of any help to me if I get pregnant.

My morning routine:
Drink my lemon and cucumber water that has been in the fridge overnight.
Gentle cleanser, vitamin C serum, moisturizer.  If I am going to wear makeup, I use a primer as a barrier between my skin and the makeup.

Drink my lemon and cucumber water that has been in the fridge during the day.
Gentle exfoliating cream, gentle cleanser, light retinol use and a creamy moisturizer.

Face, neck and chest.  I recommend trying Dr. Murad's brand but don't get the Acne line.  Get the Environmental shield (Orange) Collection or the Resurgence (Green) or the Age Reform (Purple). 

My dermatologist also recommended reducing as much inflammation internally as possible with lots of water, fruits, vegetables and herbs and spices.  See a dermatologist.  


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@KeyKey Thanks for the suggestions! I've always wanted a dermatologist for since I started breaking out at 19 but now it isn't in my budget anymore. I already have dry skin and also eczema so I don't need anything else drying out my skin.

I'll take a look into Murad and vitamin C serums I have heard good thing for both!

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