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I'm using differin, I've used lymecycline (which didn't help), and oxytetracycline (which doesn't seem to be helping) my moderate but budge proof acne. I've been referred to the dermatologist next month for an appointment because nothing seems to be helping and I'm getting scarring. 

I've even reading and it seems like the only route the dermatologist will take is accutane, but after reading people's experiences/hearing the side effects, it really doesn't seem like a good option for me.

Is there anything else that could clear my acne or am I doomed to a life of acne from head to knees?

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1 hour ago, Washer said:

Have you tried Benzoyl Peroxide or Skinoren Gel?

yeah I tried Epiduo which has benozyl peroxide in, but it literally made my skin red raw, gave me burns to the point that I was crying because of the pain etc so my doctor said its better not to use it. Plus my acne is literally all over my arms, thighs, butt, back, chest, belly and face, so I'd be going through gels pretty quickly haha
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Just fuc*ing go on Roaccutane and stop thinking about it already. NOTHING will cure your acne besides Accutane, I repeat NOTHING! I've tried numerous of antibiotics, local creams, benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, I went full vegan, I drank 4 liters of water a day, I did EVERYTHING on Earth that's suggested for fighting acne, and I still look like shit. I'm currently on my second month of Accutane, let's see how it goes.

I experience NO side effects whatsoever. This fear mongering of accutane is so pathetic honestly, I sometimes start to think that those shitty companies who sell "acne selling medicine"  are spreading this anti accutane propaganda, so they can keep selling their worthless products and suck us forever. I was so brainwashed into believing Accutane is dangerous that before taking my first pill I prayed to God not to die or get lifelong side effect. And here I am here, 2 months later, still waiting for side effects to kick in, I sometimes even doubt if Accutane works, It was written all over the place that I would get so many side effects, that I will ruin my life etc. and I got none of that. Just go on the course and see if it works for you, it's not scary at all. I will notify you of my progress, tell you how things work out with the acne. Accutane already cured my black spots, I used to have tons of them, especially on my nose, I literally have none anymore. Time for the pimples.

I repeat, once again, don't fear accutane. The biggest bashers of the drug are people who haven't tried it at first place...

Also you have acne everywhere, what are you waiting for? Do you really think topical creams, vitamins or some "bacteria" antibiotics will cure this? YOUR BODY IS EXPLODING, LIKE MINE! Accutane is the only option here, better stop waiting, the more you wait, the more you risk scarring. The only thing I blame myself for, is not taking Accutane earlier.

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From my experience as a moderate to severe acne sufferer, im gonna have to agree with Ra'Ub. These topical retinoids are complete waste of time and money if you have moderate to severe acne.

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I had severe acne for years and was on the path to taking Accutane. My derm was aginst it and had me try a combo of Retin-A micro .1% and antibiotics before Accutane. My results were painfully slow but I kept to it for a year before seeing results. I am now 100% clear of acne. Accutane is a LAST resort. Find something and stick to it for a long period of time. If after a year/1.5 years no results show reevaluate the situation.  

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