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Does the Acne. Org body regimen work?

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I have had back and shoulder acne for a good 3/4 years now and it is starting to really affect my confidence. Of course it has always been an issue for me, as it stops me from wearing the clothes I want as well as being constantly self-conscious on holiday. However, I have now reached the point where I need to get rid of it desperately. I want to start using the body regimen, but was looking for any success stories/ first-hand experiences so that I can see whether it is really worth investing in?

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Im actually trying it right now. I noticed that all success stories were of people that cleared their face. I haven't seen a success story using the acne.org body regimen (I've searched). This could mean that people don't want to spend $80 on a body regimen or the people that tried the products never posted/didn't stick it out to see results. In any case, I bought it and currently on day 3. Haven't seen changes yet (except redness on one pimple due to the BP). 

-I'm using the regimen twice a day and following the instructions. No other acne products/natural remedies are combined, so I can get accurate results. 

Best of luck to you, if you try it out! :) 

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Yes it works. I've been on it and it started to clear me up but be sure to stick with it. I stopped using it when I saw results which is where I messed up. Follow all of Dan's instructions 

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