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Fractora post treatment- normal healing?

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On the 21st of this month i got a fractora fractional resurfacing treatment done. I didn't see a TON of reviews from it, but from what I read it looked promising. It's supposed to be less invasive than the c02 lasers and there is supposed to be no risk of PIH with minimal downtown. It's now 4 days post treatment and I have a ton of large scabbing. Has anyone else ever gone through this treatment, and if so, what did your recovery process look like?? I'm supposed to go back to work Monday but I'm so scabby that I can't imagine even leaving the house looking like this! I'm also extremely worried I'm going to suffer from PIH after the scabs heal. :(




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Read these reviews on fractora, they are mixed on it's results for acne scars https://www.realself.com/fractora-rf

For redness, Are you using tripple antibiotic cream and keeping it moist enough, this is the best way to avoid scarring, some use vaseline. 

Take a antihistamine for the swelling.

Many use honey aloe vera are great for redness and healing.

Once a day use gaze to do dilute (water) white vinegar pats (don't rub).  This sterilizes and cleans

We cannot do anything about the inflammation until you heal more and see the doctor. It's important you see your doctor, wear a hat and scarf till you get to the office if you need. We can work on the redness when you heal more. 

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The clinic made me purchase a hydropeptide gel from them that I was advised to use the first three days every 4 hours which I did. I then was told to switch to a regular moisturizer so I picked up some cetaphil which I heard was great. I use that 3 times daily and my face doesn't feel dry at all, but it's SO itchy from all of the scabs. I'm not touching my face obviously, but I can already tell that a lot of PIH is going to be left behind, which I was told was virtually impossible with the fractora. I feel like my skin is so much worse now than before I got the treatment done. :(

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