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Textural issues/scarring

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Its been awhile since I last visited. Still working on my skin but keeping  a positive attitude about it. Wondered if there has been any new successes out there that might help me...I just did a medium depth peel and use retin-a and also HQ (melasma) but could do more. Any suggestions? Any new treatments that seem promising!




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There are no new treatments per say, just different protocols. They are doing IPL, BBL, and long pulse lasers for  melasma / color correction issues now. I can see this helping you get a more even skin tone. You could goto your derm or a med spa, I've even seen coupons for v-beam and photo facials. 

I see a texture issue, and think TCA full face peel would help a few times a year to get a improvement. I am not a big fan of lase resurfacing as you can loose fat (unlike the lasers above that do nothing for skin texture or fat, they work on veins and color). 

If you have done a medium depth peel I would do stronger ones. TCA at stronger percentages can help and Glycolic. 

Have you considered sing skin bleaching cream to even out the melanin. Retin A and this go well together. 

Finally I have seen people get Infini RF Microneedle for this , and it has helped. Please see a doctor to know if you are a candidate. I find it better than laser and more controllable. There is down time. 

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Thank you! I have had many treatments for my melasma and I am using Hydroquinone at this time but my skin is very stubborn... I know in time I should acheive a more even skin tone with the products I am using but I do know its not going to help with my texture issues. I will have to look into  Infini RF Microneedle.

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