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Spironolactone and it's herbal twin

Okkkkkk so I've never posted on a forum but feel the need now. I've had no acne ever and after the age of 30 I started developing huge cysts that were scarring my face. It was ruining my life. I finally got on aldactone or aka spiro. I'm a nurse and know this isn't for everyone. Keep following cause I have an alternative. So the spiro has been amazing for me. I don't even have to wear makeup anymore. My gf couldn't stay on it because she has normally low blood pressure and she was getting to dizzy. We are both ER nurses and one of the doctors overheard us talking one day. He said his wife also suffers from hormonal acne and couldn't tolerate spiro. Well she happens to be a pharmacist and she did some research. Spearmint is actually a natural androgen blocker and she started taking this. It's worked for her for years with no side effects. My gf decided to try it before she went to accurate. Well she's now four months in bf acne free. No more cystic acne. I'm going to get off the spiro and start spearmint as soon as my prescription is gone. Also, might be too much info but I've suffered with chronic bv about the same time the acne started. I've tried everything and I mean everything to try and fix it. Started spiro and suddenly it's completely disappeared. I think my BV was caused by too much testosterone or something. Wish you all the best of luck and hope this helps some people!!!

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Mint teas, both spearmint and peppermint, never did anything for me personally. But everyone is different. Another herbal equivalent to Spiro is a combo of Licorice + Peony [available on Amazon...or just Peony if Licorice tends to raise your blood pressure, that is possible]. Both are natural androgen blockers; Licorice has seemed to help me some, but I get weird headaches from it sometimes. Also, I highly recommend everyone here eat as many anti-androgenic omega 3s as possible, like pumpkin seeds and flax seeds, especially. I prefer the actual seeds you mix into your food vs. flaxseed oil capsules. 2-3 tbsp of flaxseeds per day has been shown to dramatically lower elevated T levels. 

Best of luck to you with the spearmint. I hope these other remedies also help. :) 

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