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Doc said I had to wait 5 weeks before beginning Accutane??

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Hey guys! I'm currently suffering from severe acne so I went to my dermatologist a couple weeks ago and the doctor said I was approved for Accutane, however he said that I needed to get two blood/pregnancy tests done, including waiting 5 WEEKS between the two tests before I can start??? Well since my visit 1.5 weeks ago, my acne has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY worse so I reallly don't know how I can wait another 4 weeks!!! So I googled this and couldn't find anywhere that people (specifically women) had to wait 5 weeks before starting?? I did my first blood test on that day, as well as all the iPledge stuff. Can anyone tell me if this was the same for them? Thanks in advance :)

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You do have to have 2 pregnancy tests before starting Accutane. One before starting your birth control and then a 2nd one for when you return to your doctors office to start Accutane. Then you have to have one every month before your visit and get your prescription filled. I can't remember, but believe that the 2nd test to taken 30 days to 45 days after the first. I am sure some of it has to do with  a lot of woman aren't on birth control in the beginning and just starting. It's safety as Accutane is highly toxic to a fetus. There is a longstanding hx with Accutane and pregnancy, hence the I Pledge program here in the U.S.

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