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I tried popping a pimple that wasnt ready, now theres a red dot

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Okay, so today I was popping some pimples (I know, I really should not) and I saw a very small, red pimple. I decided to pop it, but I could not and applied lots of pressure to it. Long story short, it got really red and swelled up and I stopped trying because I didn't want to make it worse. The picture is about 15 minutes after I popped it and put some acne treatment gel (it contains 5% benzoyl peroxide). What should I do now and how do I help it get better? :smileys_n_people_15:WIN_20170217_19_56_47_Pro (2).jpg

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6 hours ago, Rudy23 said:

I have made the same mistake more than once.

What should you do now? Leave it be. Stop picking your skin.

This man is correct. If you have to attend a public function, take an anti-inflammatory an hour or so before (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen). And, more importantly, try to deal with the mental symptoms of acne: insecurity and low self-esteem. Go exercise and improve yourself in other ways than skin clarity, and I promise it will help your outlook on the situation. Good luck!!! :)

To add to this, your acne is not bad at all coming from an unbiased observer! Edited by Tcalpoly

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