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I am never letting my face touch water again (Caveman Regimen)

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This will be my Caveman Regimen log.  I will never let my face touch any sort of water from this day forward.  This is how I got to this conclusion:

I have been on Accutane (Claravis) since October.  I am going onto my last month. All throughout the treatment I did too much to my face. I should have washed my face the first day that I got the medicine, and then, never after that. I washed 3-4 times a day, and on one day, 8 times (because I was frustrated). 

I started this regimen on Tuesday morning and it is now Saturday night. On Tuesday morning I washed with this shea butter face wash and used 100% shea butter as face lotion. I used 3-4 layers of shea butter because I have a dry patch on my face. I did not touch my face until Saturday night (tonight). Big mistake! I did this because I was working out and I could see the yellow tint from the shea butter on my face. Now I will have to wait another 5-7 days in order to get my normal skin tone back.

The results from not washing Tues - Sat: Tuesday, same. Wednesday, same. Thursday, skin tone started to settle and come back. Friday, better skin tone. Saturday morning, best skin tone yet, but uncomfortable and oily.

State of skin before regimen: My skin is virtually clear from the accutane, but it still looks bad because I have dry patches, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  Washing makes those things worse.

Barriers: I'm only taking 2-3 minute showers and with lukewarm or mildly cold water, with the vent on and with the doors open because steam is just as bad as water and it sets your skin back. I'm still going to workout and I will let the sweat dry up on my face.

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I messed up and washed my face midday Sunday.  It's Monday night and with each passing hour my normal skin tone is coming back.  I'm light brown skin and every time I wash my skin it gets really light and looks like i'm wearing makeup and then it takes 4-7 days for my skin to return back to it's normal color.  It sucks. I know other people who have dark skin tones or white skin tones don't have this issue.  I can't even get steam on my face without it looking like i'm wearing makeup. Sucks. 

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