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Hi all

I suffered from, I'd say, typical acne throughout my teens and 20s and now in my 30s I have developed cystic acne along my jawline - huge, painful lumps -  a result of polycystic ovary syndrome/food intolerance/stress and goodness knows why else. I have been on all sorts of antibiotics and pills, had all sorts of creams and gels to no avail. Doctors are too quick to feed you antibiotics. They just destroy your immune system in the long term and don't always work and sometimes make it worse!!!  Last year I had massive scabs all along my chin and was trying to cover it up with thick, cheap makeup. I've now realised - yes I'm not flush but for good skin you have to use a good foundation if you are going to wear it. I use Boots no 7 medium/full coverage matt finish - none comedogenic !!! - v important - with minerals 

I have found that slightly vigorous exfoliation with a good exfoliator (I use garner skin active wash mixed with a bit of l'occitane precious cleansing wash but don't worry about the l'occitane - you don't need that is it's too expensive) with lots of grains/beads but not too oily texture started the process. Do that daily, morning and night (noon if needed/preferred) ....don't foget your neck - Then apply virgin coconut oil to affected areas - rub in -  ( Every other day is recommended really) - your skin may peel from the use if this at first ( as it kills any organisms on the skin layers) but not as badly as some medicated creams that leave you spotty and peeley for a long period of time. This will stop eventually - after a couple of weeks of application. Then apply aqueous cream (you can get big pots of it for a few quid in chemists/boots etc) in the morning/ night (noon if needed again) after washing and applying oil.

Obviously adapt this as you see fit depending on skin type.

Stick with the regime - it takes  a little while to see major results but you should see something happening over a week depending on the severity of your condition. 

Watch your diet as well - I've always found dairy, alcohol, sulphites, too much sugar ....makes my skin worse - you'll know your own reactions to stuff though

try to sleep with your hair back too 

Good luck all - as I say - had to share as I was at my wits end but now I feel I'm getting somewhere and don't have to spend an hour trying to cover my face up in the morning 


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