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Is IPL suppose to get worse before better?

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Tomorrow will be a week since my first IPL treatment for my fate hyperpigmentation scarring from post acne issues. They are a red/pinkish colour, not brown. Ever since I got it, I feel like it's been more noticable, but I do know that the spots are suppose to rise to the surface before scabbing off, so maybe this is what I am experiencing? Does IPL get worse before better 

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I'd have to see a picture, but I know with laser, or vbeam you get red, scab, and have wounds till they heal. It takes time. Are you putting triple antibiotic cream on them or honey and aloe. This sounds like PIE, like after you get acne, the healing wounds. If you press on them and they go away then it's PIE. Several treatments in the FAQ below, under skin section and find PIE. Skin takes time to heal. If you feel its a major medical concern see the person who performed it or post on realself.com which has doctors. Many people have to o several IPL treatments for it to lighten, wait a while for your skin to heal and see your skins response. 

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No, it's not supposed to get worse before it gets better, ipl burns the red marks into your skin . It will not help acne marks at all, make them worse . You are Fitzpatrick III to IV, I would say IV, ipl should have never been performed on you. Stay away from it! No vbean , no any light or laser . Stop now 

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