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How I finally got rid of my cystic acne!

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I spent the first few minutes of the new year crying. Yup, I sobbed because my skin was not what I wanted it to be before the new year hit.  I decided not to wear makeup that day, and the harsh reality of my acne just teared me apart. I whimpered along my cousins shoulder, and hugged after talking to her about my self esteem issues. With much encouragement, she advised I move on and keep on finding something that can help me out without going to see a dermatologist. I tried my best and looked up every website that recommended certain "miracle workers." Through trial and error, I have finally found my go to regimen. I have to say this is the best my skin has ever looked, even with makeup on, my face does not look cakey, flaky or bumpy with the rising zits. I do not have zits anymore, I only have a small amount of the red marks, but are not so severe, and I am now comfortable to be makeup fee without worrying what I look like. So, my regimen:

Cleanser: Dr Bronners Magic Soap (peppermint)
Clay Mask: Dead Sea Mud Mask
Toner: Witch Hazel
On the Spot Treatment: Acne.org AHA Cream
Moisturizer: Acne.org Moisturizer
Eye Cream:  Yes To Cucumber Soothing Eye Gel (Love love the smell of this and the application)

Mornings: Wash my hands with Dr.Bronners Magic Soap
Lather the soap and continue washing my face (15 SECONDS)
Pat dry 
Wait for 10 mintues
Apply witch hazel on a cotton pad and slide across my face
Wait for 10 minutes
Apply One Pump of Moisturizer
Wait 10 and apply eye cream
Continue with makeup

Wipe makeup off with baby wipes (gently dont scrub)
Use Dr.Bronners Magic Soap
Wait for 10 minutes and apply clay mask
Wait for 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water
Apply witch hazel to cotton pad and slide across my face
Wait for 10 minutes
Apply AHA on the spot
Wait 10 Minutes
One Pump of Moisturizer

I also started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with honey,lemon and ginger (optional) in the mornings. ONLY DO THIS 2-3 TIMES A WEEK
Boil a cup of water and mix in APV, honey, juice from one lemon and 1 tsp of ground ginger or a few slices of fresh ginger

Eating healthy and exercising regularly has also helped clear my acne, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Be sure to always stay hydrated and exercise at least 3 to 5 times a week. I also stopped drinking and eating dairy products, almond milk is delicious or soy milk!

That's it! Please be cautious and test small areas before applying any of the products mentioned. Let me know if this has helped anyone, best of luck!!

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Congrats, I myself have seen massive changes in the last week from just cutting our wheat and dairy.  I have a strong suspicion wheat has been my issue for the last 18 years. I would recommend anyone with issues to trade cutting these things out for at least 10 days to see if it helps. 

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