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I rarely see before and after photos, on this forum.

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Aside from maybe half a dozen memorable examples, there exist no before and after photos of any noticeable improvement. With the amount of posters here there should be a success story - at the minimum - of every month.

@BeatifulAmbition can you explain the reason for this wild phenomenon?


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We don't need before and afters, doctors have tons of those, they make a profit and need to show their work. Text books and white papers even have great before and afters. Members show their scar issues (before), I give them advice (or others), give their opinion, share, come for support, and they move on with their lives (Members move on after good enough is obtained). Why would they need to do before and afters if they found success.

The ones who stick around after trying many treatments need support, heal poorly, or are stuck trying to obtain 100% improvement expectations. The most improvement one can get is around 50% with more improvement being lucky.

This is why I advocate sometimes therapy is better than treatments because obsession on how one looks for perfection can play a cruel toll on the mind (I have mentioned Body dysmorphic disorder and it's counterpart acne dysmorphic disorder). There is a great app called Talkspace for your smartphone for those suffering and want therapy at home. We are not your doctor, or your therapist, these are some of the most important people in this journey, but we can help those who need it. To give impartial help of what has worked and figure out what doesn't.

Members come to the boards for various reasons. I would also imagine if you are posting after trying some treatments, and are stuck, you have had bad results and need help, no one wants to post after this experience. Members are also shy, or don't want their pictures stolen.

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On 2/6/2017 at 5:18 AM, Robertitoo said:

Thank you Robertitoo, that was a nice find. 

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