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Today, I went to a laser tech that was highly recommended by reviews and also by my sister in law! She usually does hair removal, but had realized that the tech had different treatments that would help skin texture and skin over all. I did my research before my consultation which was today and I wasn't planning to even do the treatment today, but heck... Why not. The treatment lasted about less than ten minutes, but ten minutes max as well, not horrible at all. I am a 19 year old asian little lady and my hyperpigmentation isn't crazy bad because vitamin C from Asia has helped a whole lot! The appointment was about 11 and I got out at 1130 with no side effects which I am not complaining about, but maybe it's not a good thing? It is about 7pm now and all that I feel is about a very minor sunburn feeling (she did mention that my face will eventually feel tight as time goes by for a bit) but I read a lot about different things like ichiness and redness, or even spots being more visible etc, but I'm nervous that maybe IPL didn't work? Even though is only been a few hours...... The first picture is about a week ago and the second set is about 2 hrs after the appointment. Please let me know if maybe give it time to show up or what I should do

Sorry about the flash with the first set of pictures and no flash in the second, although the second set had bigger lighting 




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IF you push on the red areas and they go away, IPL will do nothing. You need vbeam vascular laser for this, as it gets rid of the melanin red blood pigment / veins. 

Secondly weather IPL or Vbeam you need multiple treatments, with IPL sometimes needing 6 or more treatments. She might have a machine which is not powerful, or did not go strong the first time to see how your skin reacts. You can try another and see how you do or go someplace else. IPL can take days to show the effect. With vbeam you look like you have a bruise or are more red if they use enough power. Nothing is instant. 

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You better stop! Ipl is NOT for Asian skin. I have Asian skin, had 1 ipl and haven't left home in 3 months , my face is destroyed and I'm going to end it. Do you want to live? If yes, then stop. 
I went to a top Manhattan dermatologist before people come in with "was it a dr?" Yes, and probably one most of you know the name of. 
Ipl damage can come on very quickly , like in my case, or take s year . Go over to realself and look at the 24 year old Asian girl who had perfect under eye area and. Is it's a big hollow like she is 70. Her dr told her "Normal aging " even though it took 4 months from the date of treatment .
i had excellent skin but two dark patches on my upper lip and this derm told me it can help dark eye circles . Well, she did that and both looked worse but she said I was imagining . She said I need another and that's why I'm so angry with myself I want to die, because no, you do not need another one, it's wrong for your skin! These websites are here to herd people into dangerous cosmetic treatments , same with realself , be aware of that.
i can see from your photo some skin damage already. You are too busy looking st the red marks and those are not even vascular! They look like acne red marks . Those will get burned into your skin from ipl
amd never , ever leave .
thid derm was using a big square and insisted it was a tiny circle and said she wanted to get a few little spots , spots I hsve never seen and I have looked at my face daily to apply blush and mascara most mornings . Anyeays , she went allover . I hsve so much discoloration , I had a tiny tiny clogged pore that was pink and its etched into my face now 3 months later . But that's not all. You will get color changes ongoing , ipl is not like laser with a single focused wavelength , it can have 1200! It cUdes so much damage to the skin and yoor body, I had no immediate surface burns but it causes thermal damage and you burn from
thr inside and the surface gets swirly like an orange peel

on tbjd board peoolr call that thick skin with big pores , orange peel. Thsgs not what it is in the ipl/laser world , its this nasty swirl skin that's all thin and feel weird. I also had pores you could not see, now they're huge . I hsve white lines , running holes and my elastin is gone ! I consulted 3 derms and a plastic surgeon and none could bekkrvd a derm would do this on fitz IV. It's for I & II and if you check realself , 99% of the damaged peoolr are I & II but you and I will look even worse than them even though we have much better skin quality and age much better. I now look like an 50 year old white lady

NEVER go back , never do ipl again . Ever , or laser , ever. You will be very sorry 

I have to see your before photos but I see dark staining , don't you see it? And I se that burnt top layer , look at your own photos .its not like a burn from the oven ? It's like a sandpaper weird texture 

ipl can't help what you are trying to do anyways! You hsve to use a very gentle cleanser , skip as many days as possible of washing at all. Then get a good barrier cream . Don't wear makeup . Stay out of the sun . Do not use any actives . No acne medications . Your damage is mild so just be very gentle to your skin for 6 months and you should recover . Do another ipl and you will regret it every second of your life 

for the red marks , time . Thsgs all . They do go away with time . never retin a or any retinol , It's not for our skin ! Bleaching cream is for dark spots on white skin and many of those people have been damaged by retinols and bleaching creams. The spots are red, not brown . The Greyish brown stains you have I don't know if they were there pre ipl but it will not work for you. Red will get better with gentle care and time . You would have been better off using obsgic vitamin serum at the lowest concentration every 3rd night and the red would have improved a lot . Now that you had ipl you can't use actives . Look at the shiny skin where you were treated , the color is not normal, that's skin damage.  However , yours is mild . With gentle care for 6 months you should be much improved . Only a gentle cream cleanser , room temperature water and a good barrier repair cream. Ipl messes up the barrier so a lot of people start getting acne . Do not touch your facs. Very gently pat in the barrier repair cream . 

Just go simole snd guve it time , good luck 

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