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BP has stopped working

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I've had acne since I was 15 years old and have been prescribed various forms of BP cream. I used to use the PanOxyl 5 Aquagel in the UK but that got discontinued, so started using Acne.org BP about 4 years ago. My skin was perfect, and even incorporated AHA+ to reduce the PIH. 

My skin was destroyed after over exfoliation and no sunscreen, it was peeling and red and rashy, and I was prescribed stupidly by my silly GP hydrocortisone, as I didn't realise it was over exfoliation and the GP thought it was a rash. Anyhow after using it for 2 weeks, and no BP and AHA+ use, my skin slowly healed. Though my acne came back. With a vengence. It's been 2 years I've gone back to my usual regime with BP and it's just not working. Its been working for nearly a decade but now, my acne is still really bad. One would heal, 3 more cystic pimples would pop up

Has BP become ineffective? 

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1 hour ago, VulneraryRain said:

How long did u use bp for a week? If so your prob just purging your gonna have to start from zero might take months.

For a week? No, I've mentioned I'd been using it for about a decade before I burnt myself in 2014 and had got prescribed hydrocortisone. Since then I've been using every other day for about 2 years

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A cream/medicine doesnt last forever, it will get to a point where your body won't react the same to it anymore. Your body is now used to the material which are in bp, so there will not be any differences except if you take a long, long break from it. 

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Well,  at this point you're stating the obvious...if it's not working, is not working.  It doesn't work very well for me either,  but it burns holes in my face like nothing else.  
You might want to try going in another direction. 

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