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what are these bumps?? Please help

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Can someone please help - I recently started getting these spots on my temples and not sure what to do about it. Went to a dermatologist and she told me that these are milias. They seem to get inflamed and start getting red after a while- also itches sometimes. She gave a non oil based cleanser to use ( as she told me I have a oily skin). I also got a chemical peal from her as she said it will help. I still saving up for the exfoliater as it is quite expensive. I stop using all sun screen and moisturizer as it seems to worsen it. I eat very healty most of the times and  workout alot (also drink alot of water). I feel like it might be because of sweat as i have a tendency to sweat quite alot and also because I workout alot. Nothing seems to take it away - not even the cleanser. Also I have never had acne in my life - so this seems very weird.IMG_6998.JPGIMG_7003.JPG

Could it be Pityrosporum folliculitis??

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15 hours ago, VulneraryRain said:

Does the bumps turn into pimples? If so it can be a case of closed comedones in which they become pimples and go away.

Yes they turn into pimples but not all of them - also sometimes they just become a big red bumps (not like a pimple). They get very itchy when they get red. They seem to get worse with any type of cleanser like they are getting irritated. Also thought they are closed comedones but would these get worse when i am sweating? What can help for this?

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