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Cystic pimple

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I have suffered with acne since grade 7, I am currently in my fourth year of university. While my acne has gone away and healed over the last year, today I woke up with this huge cystic pimple on my cheek! I have never in my life experienced a pimple like this, it has no pimple head (nothing to pop) and it is very sore and painful when I touch it. I just thought I'd come on here for any tips or solutions to help get rid of this mess in a way that won't cause any scarring. Please let me know if you've dealt with this. I'm just a little worried because I have never had a pimple/bump this big. I'm not sure what  do! 

Also, I posted in this forum because I have gone to several doctors and dermotologists at have done tests and said that my breakouts are mostly hormonal. Not sure if this is the right forum to be posting in though!! 



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Hi there, I used to suffer from cystic pimples like this on my chin and found the best way to deal with them and reduce size and redness was to cover the pimple in  Sudacrem at night. It will not get rid of the spot overnight but definitely reduced the size and redness of mine as it acts as an antiseptic. If you don't have sudacreme I would recommend buying some, it's my go-to spot solution though admittedly I don't really get cystic spots anymore thanks to a bc pill. Hope this helps!

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