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Hi All,

I'm new here but definitely not new to the wonderful, joyous world of pimples. Now mine is quite mild but it still causes me a lot of strife. I'm very insecure about pimples and the like and because of that have a really bad problem with popping my pimples. Right now I'm not doing that because I had an epiphany and have resolved not to but to give you some history:

Previously I would pop anything. And I mean anything. Ever whitehead, blackhead, pore. Tiny bumps on my forehead that I believe are closed comedones (but more on those later). ANYTHING! This, of course, led to bad flare ups. Duh past me.  I have a few pimples on my shoulders, maybe 5 or 6, one on my neck, and a few on my shoulder-blades. A while ago I had a very bad chin flare up where my entire chin turned red and dry. It faded with use of suggested products by GP but I'm including a picture for reference.
bad chin.jpg

Anyway, I have not done that in a while - more than a week - and already my skin is clearing up but I am here to speak about more specific things.

My forehead is riddled with small, colourless, painless bumps which, as I mentioned above, I believe are closed comedones based on my research but I might be wrong. They make it very hard to be confident. I am desperately seeking advice.

As for my other crosses to bear? Well I have been washing my face twice a day with Cetaphil's Oil-Free Face Wash as usual but have additionally begun to sleep with a small amount of Sudocrem (previously Savlon) globbed on pimples and while it's only been a few days have seen great improvement. Not sure if anybody wants to guide me further in this area as well.


P.S. In the pictures it looks like a lot of cream but it's not actually.

P.P.S. My skin's very combination. Usually oily on my forehead but normal-dry elsewhere.

P.P.P.S. My skin looks red today but it's summer here so I'm just flushed.

BEFORE (4 days ago)

my skin 4 days ago.jpg
THE TREATMENTmy night treatment.jpg

TODAYmy skin today.jpg

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Your skin looks pretty good to me! It looks like you have found the regime that works for you, so I wouldn't change it. If your skin feels too dry you can try and add a moisturiser mask once a week or a non-comedogenic oil. I really like Avene's soothing moisturiser mask, it's oil-free, non comedogenic and indicated for sensitive skin, so perfect. I also use rosehip oil (Pai's rosehip bioregenerate oil) 3 nights a week or sometimes 2 drops mixed with moisturiser in the morning. It doesn't break me out, in fact it stops my spots, doesn't make me oily or shiny, but it hydrates me. I really like it. But don't be self conscious because your skin looks nice! 

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What product is on your face? It looks like it helped clear your skin up! 

I have been struggling with closed comedones for years and can't seem to figure out how to clear them up. My dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A-Micro which did clear my comedones for awhile. However they eventually all came back so I gave up on using that since it dried out my skin so much. Recently I have been trying new things, just trying to figure out what will get these things out of my skin, and I saw great reviews about tea tree oil products. I bought the tea tree toner, face wash, and night lotion from The Body Shop and have been using those for the past couple of weeks. So far a lot of my comedones have gone away! Theres definitely still some there but I see an improvement. Hopefully this helps, good luck! :)

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