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Should I use AHA for my red marks? Please help!

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I have red marks left from cystic acne and I'm wondering if anyone could give me advice on using AHA to help speed up the process. I've read that you have to use BHA with AHA however I've used BHA before and it completely ruined my skin :(( please give me some guidance!!!
note: the redness on my cheek is from a niacin flush 



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My skin looked a lot like yours after I had an awful breakout for a year due to being on the wrong birth control. I use Priori skin care line which is AMAZING. Their products are packed with AHAs and all my hyperpigmentation marks from back then are gone. (Although I still have new marks from random breakouts). They have a lotion called "even tones" and the label says "idebenone". I only use this at night because it's yellow and kind of tints your face yellow too lol. But it doesn't clog pores and it really helps heal those red marks. I also use their perfection serum and face wash. You can buy their products on Amazon for way cheaper than their website. 

I swear I'm not endorsing them haha, but it really made a world of difference for me and I want it to help someone else too. I've also used actual aloe Vera directly from the plants and rubbed the gooey stuff on my face. I think it helps too, but I didn't use it when my face was really red so I can't say for sure how helpful it is. 

Another option you might want to look into is something like art naturals vitamin C serum. I just bought it but it's supposed to be really amazing for all sorts of skin damage (from sun spots to hyperpigmentation) and is $20 on Amazon. 

The Priori Even Tones lotion is definitely my top pick though! Itll take a few months to fade it but it will help, I suggest taking monthly progress pics to look at for yourself. PS yes your skin is a bit red but it looks really clear otherwise! Don't be embarrassed :)

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