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Hello everyone,

I for the most part have good skin. I started getting cystic acne starting i don't know when. I went to dermatologists and they would prescribe retin-a, tazorac, and aczone. Last year it took almost a whole year for retin-a to finally make a change. my skin was perfect. Until it wasn't. I got off it and my skin was doing great. Which made me happy cause I no longer want to take medication or use medicated creams. Now Im breaking out terribly on my cheeks. The lady that was doing my bi-weekly facials truly believes I'm allergic to something. I plan on going to an allergist to get tests done because I can't take it anymore. I know dairy is one of the causes but I think I'm allergic/intolerant to other things.

My skin care routine is very simple. I cleanse twice a day. I use a natural toner (andalou clarifying toner), natural moisturizer (andalou clarifying). I use the boscia face mask 3 times a week. All my products including makeup are non-comedogenic. My body moisturizer is non-comedogenic. My body wash is natural. I change my pillow cases/bed sheets every week.

I would like to hear about your experiences. If you too suffer from cheek acne and happen to be allergic to something please tell me what it is you are allergic to. 

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I just had my first cystic acne and I popped it :( (on my cheeck, i don't have pimples here) it's so bad it left a red hole on my face and I don't know what to do. Then there's another bump growing JUST beside my popped cyst. Idk if its a cyst again or just an ordinary pimple. How will I know?

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Acne can be caused by food intolerances, food alergies have more severe consequences after ingestion.

Common food allergens are Dairy, Gluten grains, soy, nuts and eggs.

Im good with soy, eggs and most nuts except peanuts.

I believe these are caused by altered gut flora and leaky gut syndrome.

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