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Help! Acne eating at my soul. Depressed. Can't go out

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I rarely go out because I'm embarassed. I started having breakouts when I was 16. I'm 19 now and it's becoming awfully worse. When all my friends are out enjoying during weekends, I lock myself in my room and watch movies and get depressed looking at all the flawless skin on screen. So I'd just turn it off and sleep through the whole day. My life has become miserable ever since acne happened. There are so many products and treatments that could possibly help me get rid of acne but i come from a fairly poor background. My father is the only income source and we can barely meet month's end. My parents empathize with me but they say they won't be able to provide any help. They can barely afford basic needs of the family. Can anybody help me find a sponsor (if there's anyone who do that)? I heard that the acne.org regimen really works but it is a lot of money and i probably won't be able to afford even the shipping cost. I'm from India. I would be eternally grateful if anyone of you out there could lend a helping hand to this depressed, acne-attacked teenage girl who's just dying to have a clear skin. 

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I am definetely not here to help financially (college student here). But treating acne is not just about buying expensive creams and antibiotics. Acne.org regime may somehow freeze the acne, but it won't fix the main problem especially if you have cystic acne.

Try changing your lifestyle and diet. Drink lots of water, exercise regularly and most importantly eliminate acne trigger foods (mainly dairy, artificial sugars and caffeine). It seems like a harder solution but it can worth it.

Also don't let acne control your life. Your flaws don't define you. And those friends that judge you by your acne, shouldn't be your friends.

best of luck and cheer up 

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