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HELP !! I need to stop Picking !

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I'm Fourteen years old and suffer from very mild acne bumps under the skin. My skin isn't smooth and is full of little bumps be Although you can't really see them they bother me so much ! For some reason In the moment, I think that picking at them will somehow make them better. Now I'm left with dark marks all over my face and it's become worse than the actual bumps themselves. I constantly leave my skin red, swollen, hurting, and i hate the marks I cause myself to have. I'be purchased the Acne.Org Cleanser right my skin doesn't have been using a  moisturizer with salicylic in the for about to treat my bumps. But now I just really need help on how to stop I cling and get rid of the dark marks already there. Please help ! 

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It sounds like you might have cystic acne.  Don't worry, I get those too sometimes.  They will go away eventually but the most important thing is to BE PATIENT AND DON'T PICK AT THEM! What helps me to not pick at them is to ice them for 2-4 minutes ( lessens swelling/redness) and also dampening the cyst and then putting some ORGANIC sugar on it (this draws out infection).  Don't use sugar that isn't organic!
Also, if you do pick and the zit pops, put some cold water on it to close the pore and then put something on it that will disinfect it.  Another thing is that if the zit starts to bleed, press a paper towel onto it to stop the bleeding, this helps with help the scab heal fast and also make it less scab looking.

As for the actual hyperpigmentation, I can't really help you there :/ Sorry!

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