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What could this be and can a laser get rid of it?

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So basically I've had mild acne for some time now. I visited a dermatologist who prescribed me some products that all irritated me (apparently even La Roche Posay cosmetics are too harsh for me), so now I only spot use BP (Epiduo) in tiny amounts when I see something developing and it generally works not bad. However, the biggest issue I have (and because of which my confidence is extremely low) is in the attached picture (I believe it can be slightly zoomed in). I know it doesn't look too bad here. But believe me than in reality (I realised this when at some point I saw my reflection in two mirrors) it is pretty much noticeable. And I know that most of people on this forum would say that's nothing. But that's beyond the point.

My question is: what could this be? (I'm obviously talking about the flesh coloured blemish.) Background: I've had it at least for about 1,5 year, and I never really noticed when it appeared. It's not bumpy but flat. When I view it really closely, it looks like a scar that won't heal (a regular scar you can get on your hand or something). The colour is as it is in the photograph, red-pink (I took it in sunlight). It never reacts to any attempts of treatment, whatever they would be. The size doesn't change (like 0,6 x 0,5 cm). No amounts of peeling ever do anything.

The second question: lasers or IPL (is this the same?) can eliminate this? I've read they're for 'brown spots', but is such a thing actually a brown spot?

Thanks for all your answers.


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