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Questions regarding accutane and initial breakout!

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I´ve red this site for many years now but this is my very first post. 
I´ve had acne for seven years now, everything from small bumps to severe cystic acne. For the last year my acne has gotten worse and worse, and after trying literally everything my dermatologist finally put me on accutane:smileys_n_people_21:

This morning on my three weeks mark and my skin had broken out like CRAZY - it looks absolutely horrible:smileys_n_people_44:
So to enyone hos has experience with accutane, is this normal? How long does the IB normally last? When can i expect to see real improvement? Will red marks fade away during the course of accutane?

I also wonder; should i squeeze my pimples or does that accutane adventually take care of everything without me touching my skin at all? I mean even the cystic ones?

I would also really appreciate any other tip, like what to eat/what not to eat (like is chocolate, potato chips, icecream and that stuff bad), any experience with milk affecting acne/accutane etc.

Thank you so much you guys:smileys_n_people_26:


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The IB is different fo everyone but most people clear up by month 3 or 4. 
I would recommend avoiding popping or squeezing pimples and touching your skin at all since it can cause more scarring. Moisturize and hydrate! Drink lots of water. No foods have been proven to cause acne in literature though there have been some studies indicating a possible link with dairy. At this point those things likely won't really make a difference but eating healthy while foods is always good for your body. 

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