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How I got rid of Acne after suffering for 11 years

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Hi all,

I registered here on acne.org to share with you my Acne story and to help others who suffering under this burden.

Until the age of 20 I had the prettiest skin, flawless you can say ^_^
I was full of confidence and dated the hottest guys in the clubs.

But when I turned 20, Acne came over me, it was like a curse.
I developed nasty cysts all over my face, they were very deep and created disgusting bumps
on my face which were impossible to cover up with makeup, not to mention the redness around the cysts.
Some of them were even painful :smileys_n_people_59:

I was living a normal/healthy lifestyle, I rarely had fast-food, didn't smoked at all and only drank some alcohol on the weekends when out with friends, but I was always drinking responsible, I got completely drunk maybe twice a year.

My life got turned up side down, I lost all my confidence.
When people were talking to me they weren't looking in my eyes, they were looking at my pimples/cysts.
I saw there disgust in their eyes, rarely someone said something, but they were all disgusted by me, I could feel it
and it caused me many mental issues like anxiety, depression and other thoughts I don't even want to mention...

Being in university with all this students made it even worse.
I became extremely introverted, stopped going out, stopped going to the gym and only attended classes which were mandatory to attend, so I was mostly studying at home.

My family told me that it will just go away with time, but I knew that this was bullcrap and I didn't had time to wait. So like many other fellow acne sufferers, I tried many different Products, Programs and over the counter products, from chemical treatments with Benzoyl peroxide to Isotretinoin (Accutane) and even natural treatments like natural clay and expensive supplements.
Of course I also wasted my hard earned money on dermatologists from one private clinic to the other one. Most of them prescribed me strong antibiotics which only helped temporarily and gave me bad side effects.

At the age of 26 I married my partner who also had acne at that time  >_<

I am 31 now and about 4 months ago, my partner and I traveled from Germany to the South of Spain for a 1 week getaway. We booked a room for 1 week through AirBnB, the owner of the house was Austrian, which was great because we are from Germany, his name was Thomas.

On the second day he made us breakfast and told us his Acne Story, I was really surprised that he had Acne because his skin looked amazing!

Long story short, Acne destroyed his confidence and ruined his acting career. Instead of giving up, he studied for years all the scientific research that has been conducted for acne vulgaris. He cured himself and became a "Guru" helping others to get rid of Acne for free! I was amazed by all the scientific papers he showed us, they were mostly from the NCBI.

So we thought we give it a shot :)

And it was the best decision I ever made! He conducted veeeery detailed questionnaires with both of us. Thomas told us it was necessary because the cause of acne is different in every person.

His approach was mainly from the inside but also from the outside. Like I mentioned before, his program is very individual so I am not going much into detail, for example my partner received a completely different program, his acne is also different, mine is more like a cystic acne, he had papules.

We both started his program while we were still staying at his house, but even when we left he was available to answer our questions. Thomas told us that results depend on how strict you stick to the program.

After one month continuing the program at home, I saw major improvements and after about 2 and a half months I was completely Acne free, it is such an amazing feeling to wash your face with water in the morning and don´t feel any bumps :D Especially after suffering for 11 years....

My partner was also acne free after following his individual program for about 2 months.

Yeah I forgot to mention that Thomas did this all for free and he wasn't selling us any product. He said we can share his contact details if we know someone suffering from Acne, his goal is to help others with acne, that's it.

After my partner and me became acne free we send him a nice gift package to his address as a small thank you :)

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Okay but please don't post contact details for everybody to see (meaning, right here within the topic). You haven't, so good job. This is just a reminder. If anybody is interested he/she can PM you to get his contact info if this is something legitimate

Update: Whether private or public on this site, advertising is not allowed

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I didn't wanted to advertise anything,  I just want people to know that one acne treatment might work for everyone and that you have to find what works for you and not get frustrated if one thing doesn't work for you :)

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He made me a plan on how to detox my gut naturally, which only took a few days.
After that I had to take some Herbal Extracts and avoid certain foods for 4 weeks,
during those 4 weeks I also had to do a facial routine twice a day, which was also completely natural,
I got all the stuff I needed from my local health food store & grocery store.

I don't want to get much into detail because my partner got a completely different program, which was personalized to him and he also got rid of his acne. So the best way is you drop him an email, I sent you his email via PM.

Good luck and let me know about your progress!

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Hey Sabine, just came across your post.
I am from Germany as well and suffer just like you did.
Would you mind dropping me a PM with his contact detail? I tried too many over-the-counter products and spent too much money. I usually didn't believe in detox diets but you sound like it did help you so I am willing to give it try.
Thanks a ton in advance! :)

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