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Advice on Scarring after Acne Treatment

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Hello! I just discovered this website 10 minutes ago.

I just finished my prescribed acne treatment, and I would like advice on a scarring treatment.

Here's my acne treatment. I use prescribed medications which are minocycline (2X/day for a month) and benzaclin (once a day). I also mix these prescribed medications with daily skin care - Cerave clenser, then Witchazel toner, InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum 20%, benzaclin, then Cerave moisturizer. I had severe acne and the medications worked wonders (or so I am told from family and friends). Acne rarely pops up, and I would like to work on a scarring treatment now.

I just finished my minocycline (oral antibiotic) last week, and I am continuing my topical benzaclin for now. I am planning to integrate overnight Mederma into my skin care regimen, because I stumbled onto the product from Amazon reviews. My questions are:

1) Should I use overnight Mederma? If not, what product do you recommend?
2) If I do use overnight Mederma, how should I integrate it within the regimen. I heard from one person online that benzaclin takes awhile to settle in, so he/she recommends putting the moisturizer 30 min after benzaclin. How should I integrate overnight Mederma?

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@bobaholic Mederma does nothing, it's really not effective. How about posting what your scars are with a picture of them so I can give advice. Scars create shadows, I need to see the shadows they make, If you are not comfortable posting, please goto my faq, it's in the below signature and read about scars and their treatment. 

I do not give advice on prescriptions, that is general acne treatment, and would best be asked in the prescription sub, I moved your topic to.

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