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It's been months since I last logged on here. I finished my accutane course 6 months ago and now I'm only taking a 'maintenance' dose of 2 pills per week. When I just finished my treatment in February I had a horrible amount of red marks and scars. 6 months later I'm in much better shape but the scaring is still very noticeable. I still have residual redness, mostly on my scars. I have 4 quite noticeable scars that are also red in color still. Then I have mild scaring in other areas of my cheeks. They are rolling scars.

Having already recovered from the accutane treatment, I'm looking into the possibility of having a chemical peel or laser treatment as to come to an end with my skin problems. I know that the best option would probably be CO2 fractional laser treatment, but that is way out of my budget. I'm curious about the following treatments given that I can afford them:

- Nd-Yag Laser Treatment
- Microdermabration 
- Chemical Peelings (haven't gone into witch one specifically) 

I would like to know how viable these options are, mostly the last two, as I've heard bad things about the yag laser. Any other information on possible treatments that aren't costly is very much welcome. Thanks.

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Need to wait six month after last pill... even a 'maintenance dose' counts... Otherwise you might fuck up your skin. Tbh 12 months is better even

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I definatley wouldnt bother with microdermabrasion. Just had four sessions and it has done nothing not even helped with clogged pores. Might make you look fresher for a few days but that is about it. I had my last session yesterday and i doubt i will ever do it again. Today my skin is sore, red, stripey in places and very dry. Seems to settle down with hydrating cream but it will do nothing for your scars. mine are very very shallow and they are still 100% there.

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