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HELP! How to get rid of dark marks

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I've read so many threads on this topic but I can't seem to find a suitable answer for myself.

So I've been struggling with dark marks and haven't had clear skin for the past 3/4 years! By the time one scar fades, I end up breaking out a new one forms and it's been a constant cycle, luckily I don't break out much or often, it's the odd spot here and there, but it leaves a mark (even if I don't touch or pick at it) which takes 6-8 months to fully disappear.

I also have a few marks which are now 3 years old and have faded a lot however is still a few shades darker than my skin tone, I fear that these scars are permanent! It doesn't help that they're on the centre of my face (nose and chin) and are quite large. 

So, over the years I have used various over the counter products, but I feel as though nothing has worked and any fading that has occurred is due to time rather than the product itself working. 
I have never been to see my doctor, maybe I should but I feel as though there's nothing they can give me. And everyone around me seem to think I have an acne problem but like I said my skin barely breaks out, I think it's more of a PIH problem.

for the past year I have been using clean and clears anti blemish  gel, I feel as though it no longer works for break outs on my skin but does help with peeling, I have also started using nip and fabs glycolic peel, which I find helps with peeling  too. Perhaps I can't tell but I feel as though there's no colour change. I even tried out euricin dark spot corrector - no luck with that. I even turned to natural remedies - lemon, aloe Vera, honey etc which I find harder to stick with. 

Sorry this his is really long!  But I would really appreciate advice that's tailored to my issues. So I'm  21years old, I'm south Asian with a brown complexion, usually a break out turns a very dark brown  (almost black) colour and like I said takes forever to fade, may seem like nothing but this is just one cheek. Don't have a recent picture without makeup of my nose and chin but it's the shade of  the pimple mark in the middle and seems as though it's stopped fading.image.jpeg

I'm also from the uk  where products like hydroquonine is not available, I was considering buying tretinoin- should I? 
Honestly, any advice and tips wold be great! Tbh I really don't want to see a doctor- last resort!

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Hello there. I think you just need mild exfoliation. I am Asian too and has combination of sensitive and oily skin. I have tried European products from pharmacies, and even products sold online. My dermatologist before advised Fucidin (anti-bacterial) every time a pimple pops out. Unfortunately, the scars became dark, really dark I should say.
Currently, I have been using Maxipeel Exfoliant no.2. This is a Philippine product, but I am not sure if it is available there in UK since it has  hydroquonine too. This is helping my skin exfoliate. Since I am working in a MIddle East country right now, I am using sunblock too. Actually, we should always, I mean ALWAYS use sunblock to prevent the marks from becoming darker.
I have oily skin, so Maxipeel helps me. I can see that your skin is not oily though, and will need only mild exfoliation. I am not sure which product is best for your skin in terms of exfoliation, but Maxipeel works best for me among all the products I used. My friends noticed that my skin changed after. You just need how to use it properly. Let me know if this helps coz I have same prob as yours.

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Well seeing as only a few people interested and you might be thinking im still experimenting something and i am well aware that you dont want to risk your skin.

Anyway, I sincerely hope my idea can help you. So there it goes have you seen anyone use hot water compressed 60-70 degree celcius in cotton cloth and hold onto scars area 1-2minutes? But before this you will need to get the supplement "solgar dry vitamin A tablet form" which contain retinyl palmitate 5000IU and L-ascorbic acid 10mg and crush one tablet into powdery form. After that wet the scars area with some water and your fingers as well because you will be using your finger to dap on the powder so it will stick to your fingers and start to apply it on the scars areas massaging for 30sec - 1minutes. After that use the cotton cloth/pad /wrapped into ball to absorb the hot water(60-70 degree) and hold onto your scars areas for 1-2minutes. If you find it too hot you can try press release press release until you doesnt feel much of the heat and hold it for 1-2minutes. You can repeat the procedure 2-3times per day but not too frequent like 2-3times/week so that let the scars have enough time to heal. I think basically this idea is to speed up the scars healing process to maximum. (It definitely speed up the healing in my case). The last part and most important is you MUST wash it off with AHA cleanser or gentle mild cleanser or any type coz it seems to clogged a bit pores. You can also consume the supplement too if you want. I used nixodem once in a while to clear up the clogged pores. It is totally up to you when you want to do this treatment during weekend or before sleep so that the next morning the redness side effect has already subsided.

The after effect you get is some temporary redness after some time it will subside maybe like 1-2hours. You can apply makeup if you cannot wait. This might best suit for those with fresh scars, im not sure about old scars and deep indented. You might wanna give it a try if you like it :-), I think this works on hyperpigmentation/post inflammation too to shorten healing time by a lot. Yeah..

WARNING: If you are pregnant, it is best to avoid this treatment as it involve retinyl palmitate(synthetic vitamin A) which may cause birth defects.
The scars areas will be a bit sensitive so if you are not wearing make up you can apply some sun screen when going outdoors.
There will be a slight dizziness so it might not suitable for weak heart/low blood pressure/low blood sugar.

Well thats pretty much it. I hope it helps :-) Feel free to ask me anything

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