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Hi everyone, long time lurker here. I've never had great skin, and am prone to cystic acne because of hormones. During my last pregnancy I got a cyst on my cheek that didn't go away. When it did it left an awful textured scar, the kind that looks awful under harsh lighting because of the edges. So, I went to a PS to excise the area (and two pitted scars next to the cyst scar) I hope documenting my journey will be helpful to others. I'm one week post-op now. I'm a bit concerned that the middle of the scar looks like it's coming apart but the doctor informed me the line turned out great and keeping my steri-strips on will help it stay together. The ends are where the sutures knot, I'm hoping that improves. The procedure itself was painless aside from the initial numbing shot. I'm fearful of the future, and told to expect up to a year for results. So I'm trying to be patient and not worry too much. (Hard for me because I am both impatient and a chronic worrier.)If anyone has questions let me know. I will update again a month or two post-op. Pictures are my scars on natural and harsh light, the bandaging, the sutures, and suture removal at 5 days post. And one two days after removal. 







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I'm sure it will be fine. It reminds me a bit of stitching I had on my ankle a few years ago. I thought it looked a bit worrying at the time and would scar but the nurse assured me that the surgeon had done a great job. Any unevenness I think is just swelling after surgery.
Today when I look at the area there is only the very faintest white line there. I didn't apply anything to it to help it fade etc, obviously it's not as important in that area as the face. Anyway, just thought I'd share that. I don't think you should worry.

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Thank you, Jade! That is so reassuring to hear. I would be very content with a thin line. The only awkward thing is going to work tomorrow with the strips on my face. A whole lot of "What happened?" And I'm a private person about my acne. Oh well.

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I had a scar exicision. But my scar was a bad trauma scar, so I was dealing with a totally different beast.

i am very unhappy with my results. It didn't make things worse, but failed to make them much better. I really hope that is not the case for you.

i will say that if the scar is starting to look depressed early on, it might stretch out and get worse. Do whatever you can to minimize movement in the area. My scar started out as a fine line that was everted, but within a month it become atrophic and wide. If you see any atrophy, express your concerns to your doctor but in a very diplomatic manner. See if he will offer a plan B if things go less than ideal. But be careful, Plastic surgeons have huge egos and many will refuse to acknowledge a complication of their own work.

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