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23 and still dealing with acne- What kind of acne is this??

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Hey all,
So I've been dealing with acne since about 13, and I'm now 23. I never thought I'd still be dealing with it at this age. I always put off going to the doctor about it because I always thought once I was out of my teens it'd clear up. Now it's time to crack down on it. I used to use Quinoderm back when they made it, and it was the only thing that really cleared it up. No other benzoyl peroxide products have been able to clear me up. My acne is at its worst now in the last couple years. 

What kind of acne does it look like it could be?

I don't get big, painful, deep pimples. I rarely get whiteheads either. I get small, red ones all over my face. The slightly bigger ones can be kind of painful but nothing major.

image (3).jpeg

image (1).jpeg

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How often do you wash your face? I used to wash mine 3 times a day and it looked similar to yours. It got better when I used BP less often and like once every 1 or 2 days. It was keeping my face too inflamed.

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Well if you've been putting off going to the doc and you are still struggling with it, your best bet would be to get yourself straight to the dermatologist! External skincare and treatments are important and helpful, but they aren't going to get you clear. You need to treat it from the inside as well with either an antibiotic, hormonal treatment or some other acne medication that your doctor can prescribe to you. 

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Yeah go to the derm i js got my referral today literally js told th doctor what to do. No mucking around i got so annoyed because i wanted a referral ages ago!! 

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