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Help! Are these whiteheads?

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I've had these for a decade now. I'm extremely hairy and have had multiple forms of hair removal on my cheeks and forehead.

Are these just clogged pores?

I've had some success with long time oral intake of isotretinoin along with topical Adapalene but these are stubborn as hell to remove. I figure I'll be better able to tackle these knowing exactly what they are. 

So please help!


IMG_5915 - Copy.JPG

IMG_5916 - Copy.JPG

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I think thyre clogged pores that have closed up. Yes they are stubborn as shit (from experience). Maybe some acids may work? Glycolic salycilic etc

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Thanks for the reply. I've been applying salicylic acid gel for a week now. My skin looks 'smoother' now, but the whiteheads haven't budged. I'll be sticking to the regimen for a month or two and then see what the results are. 

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9 hours ago, sehejsb said:

Ah, I think these are closed comedones..A google search for these nets photos with acne/bumps quite similar to mine.  

Yeah thats what thyre called! They are annoying but atleast thyre not inflamed so you know its not infected 
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