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Endless depressing cycle

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I am so upset and it's hard for me to type about this because it makes me want to cry. My skin was really bad in January and after a year I managed to clear it up. Three months later I break out all over again and I haven't changed anything in my skincare and I'm even eating healthier. I get a cluster of whiteheads between my eyebrows and I tend to stay away from makeup. It feels like sandpaper. I use the cerave foaming face wash http://www.ulta.com/foaming-facial-cleanser?productId=xlsImpprod5140065 and the cerave daily face moisturizer http://www.ulta.com/moisturizing-lotion?productId=xlsImpprod3530071 and sometimes I mix tea tree oil in with my moisturizer. Any advice, tips, or feedback is really appreciated. Thank you and I'll try to be hopeful because I know stressing out will only make it worseimage.jpeg

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Usually if a topical treatment stops working after a certain amount of time then that means your body is telling you something is wrong. A bunch of face washes including prescription ones, worked for a while for me then stopped, then I figured out it was hormonal. Have you gotten your hormones tested? If not I recommend going to a naturopath or endrocrinologist. I have severe severe hormonal acne, mostly on my cheeks, but some on my forehead as well. I bought the lush tea tree cleanser, not expecting it to work because nothing topical can help my acne anymore, but it did clear up all my forehead pimples within like 3-4 days, which was super surprising. I've also heard the dark angels cleanser and ocean salt cleansers help a lot with acne like this.

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