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So nearly two weeks ago I developed a large pimple very close to my upper lip. About 4 days ago, the pimple subsided, however a small, flat, red spot remains there. I've done some research and found that it's an acne scar, however my question is: How long will it take to fade/disappear? I've heard for some people it takes months, but I'm not sure if that's just because they've had acne for months - my pimple barely lasted a week. The reason I am concerned is because it looks like a cold sore on my upper lip and is quite noticeable. 

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Its called post inflammatory erythema. My red marks take about a month to start fading, but it could be quicker or slower for you.  Why not just cover it up with a dab of foundation or concealer until it goes away? If your a guy then I understand not wanting to use makeup.

Moisturize a few times a week. The skin is red, which means its still healing so you have to be good to the skin.

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