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23yrs with acne still!!

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After highschool my acne has been progressing more. I use makeup from clinique to cover up my hyperpigmentation and acne.  I get a few a cysts time to time on my lower jaw line very painful both left and right, my right cheek is more irritated then the left. all over my face is hyperpigmentation. My forehead are pimples that take long to come out. Same as my jaw line.

Now at 19yrs I was first prescribed myocycoline. At the time I didn't take it seriously due to the diet I needed for this drug. This year as 22yrs got prescribed tetracycline. Figured since I'm done with college, I can actually take the medication seriously. Again with a strict diet for this med. Starting getting rashes, nausea, pain in stomach and a bit of loose bowel movements after finishing my 2nd refill out of 5. Now I feel like maybe it's my hormones? The meds with strict diet is killing me I need to eat plus I work full time so all this no calcium or vitamins is killing me idk what I should even eat. I feel that at this age this should be cleared by now. Been trying to do the no drug method as drinking lots of lemon water with cucumbers or w.e that helps detoxify my body inside and out. Also, been using coconut oil after I wash my face with a basic organic cleanser (nothing special). IV also tried dermelogica very expensive but I think my acne is more from the inside out or some sort of unbalance with my body. Any suggestions?? Please! 

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