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Enlarged / Scarred Pores Treatments That Work, Join the Discussion!

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I'm looking into laser Genesis. that's what i'm going to try in order to minimize them - 
I'm due for 3 in the next couple of months. First is this monday . I'll be having one every 3 weeks then I'll do have it done monthly up until December. Cheap with Groupon. I paid $135 for 2 (25% off code). Normal price with the same exact machine at a Dr's = $200-500 full face



Exciting answers :) ^

this is a user on reddit who used bhas and sunscreen

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thats a very good result for the girl, ive tried the same with retin A and then PC BHA and it didnt do anything, i just cant control the oil production if the pore would clear it would refil and form a plug overnight

let us know how the Genesis goes, I wouldnt get my hopes up for it reducing pore size though maybe temp with swelling etc

do you mind linking me to that girls post i would like to see her routine, it maybe lighting as the first is outdoor and the 2nd indoor by the looks of things

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I have the same issue.  I've been looking in to Spectra laser,  specifically for large pores and oily skin.  There is a study that backs up their claims but I can't find many impartial reviews for it.  Also, I'm wary of trying lasers in general, even the low risk ones.

There is also a treatment with Levulun and blue light therapy that apparently shrinks the pores and reduces oil, it has quite a few positive reviews on this site but it doesn't seem popular in the UK. 

With regards to scarred pores that are too small to treat with tca cross, I'm planning on using 50% tca with a needle instead of a toothpick. Obviously, I won't use the needle to penetrative the skin, but it means I can hit the scarred pore without touching the surrounding skin.  Unfortunately, I have so many of them close together :-(.  You should try practising with a clean needle.

I have also invested in a baby quaser plus as apparently the red light regulates oil (as well as collagen building) but I'm not expecting miracles.  

I also started using paulas choice 10% niamincide booster.  Niamincide has been proven to thicken skin and shrink pores.

I also plan on resuming dermastamp in the hope that it will help with the overall texture.  

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On 7/16/2016 at 11:17 AM, beautifulambition said:

Pore Shrinkage / Large Pores / Scared Pores.

IF you damage your acid mantle, look it up on Google you can cause worse large pores / scared pores as your skin is not protected properly and constantly being stripped and exfoliated (over treatment). One can stop all treatments and try water while looking for products that's PH will help build back the acid mantle and moisture protection of the skin. Thus large pores cold be caused by your over treatments and products that do not build protection and instead strip the needed Stratum Corneum.




Places to Start:
* Salycylic Acid - AHA opens pores and gets rid of sebum, shrinking pores
* Hydro Facial / Aqua Facial - Get's rid of dead skin and infuses the pores with beneficial skin-ceuticals and AHA to restore healthy smaller pored skin.

* Ethnic Skin Picosure laser (also makes collagen production).
* Fraxel Duo 1924nm for large pores at the largest diameter setting Or Clear and Brilliant - made by Fraxel (gentlest version of all lasers for any skin type, need many treatments) 
* CO2 at 5-7% Density and the highest power the laser will go.
* Infini RF Mironeedle
* Laser Genesis
* Meso Superficial Botox either by .025mm - .05mm microneedle / stamp or small epidermis micro injections all over also shrink pores. 
* PRP Injections with any of the above for repair of damaged skin

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I had several scarred pores that I performed 50% TCA cross on (wouldn't use higher % or might scar). For a few I used the pointiest toothpicks I could find and the rest I actually used a wooden bristle that I broke off of a broom that was even smaller and could fit (broom was new and sanitized bristle with alcohol). It worked perfectly. After 2-4 weeks the scarred pores were as good as new I was so surprised. It takes a while for the collagen to build up and fill it in. Didn't think it had worked until the very end. I'm not sure if it would be a great idea for enlarged pores all over the face but it did the trick for some random ones in my experience. Best to test on one first just in case it's a bad idea. Good luck.

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11 hours ago, Ommmmmm said:

I had several scarred pores that I performed 50% TCA cross on (wouldn't use higher % or might scar). For a few I used the pointiest toothpicks I could find and the rest I actually used a wooden bristle that I broke off of a broom that was even smaller and could fit (broom was new and sanitized bristle with alcohol). It worked perfectly. After 2-4 weeks the scarred pores were as good as new I was so surprised. It takes a while for the collagen to build up and fill it in. Didn't think it had worked until the very end. I'm not sure if it would be a great idea for enlarged pores all over the face but it did the trick for some random ones in my experience. Best to test on one first just in case it's a bad idea. Good luck.

That's great!  Did you treat them just the once then? I won't be going higher than 50% for the same reason
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Yes, most I treated only once a couple were treated a second time. It does take a while though I thought they still looked enlarged for like a month but now completely back to normal. Can't even tell which pores they were. For some the TCA did ever so slightly touch the walls of the enlarged pore (be careful) as well as the base. During the healing the walls caved in a little, looked slightly depressed for a while but by the end were not enlarged anymore and completely raised up. Takes time. When in doubt be extra conservative and repeat if necessary. Even for pores I kept covered with vaseline during healing.

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For enlarge pores you can try My method first of all remove all dirts from pores and make then bloody after that use bandich it's work for me and it's reduce  my pores 50% smaller do it yourself and see results my heeling time is 6 days 

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@tryinghard123 This posting thread has nothing to do with your issue, these people had small pores they wanted help with.

Please do not keep posting on all these random posts, I have ask you this before, these people are gone, their information is still here to read, they move on after they find treatment or find peace with their scars. Your posting in random posts that have nothing to do with the topic! You have excessive boxcars, you say you have done several procedures with absolutely 0% improvement, you have age related skin damage and fat loss. You insist on doing excision. See the below picture for excision. As you see it makes a smaller scar from a larger scar. What worries me is you have had 0% improvement you say from all sorts of other procedures and now you want to do something surgical and invasive. As you can see if you heal poorly you will also have additional scars anywhere there was a cut and a stitch, of course they can laser it after (it depends on how you heal, you will have lots of these punches all over so that is a lot for the body to heal from). Again all of this is your idea for treatment and not my recommendation as I have tried to help you with your strict specifications while warning you.  You need filler (you insist that it be a permanent one even though I advised against it, so be it, your aware of side effects) as you have age related fat loss in your cheeks under directional light and you wanted to do a face lift to stretch the skin making a better appearance. That would be better to try first before excision in my opinion. In the future as I have helped you by Private Message and on the forum, please make your own individual post and put any questions there. Dragging other unrelated posts won't make people help you, they have no clue. You really need to be treated by a board certified plastic surgeon and I have suggested doing 3 consultations and picking the best.  

punch excision and laser of ice pick scars - Yelp

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Hi BA is this just one side of the face or both sides of the face?  I figure it is showing both sides of the face?  TH

and it looks like the far LHS is after which shows the results are better?

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And also BA are you a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon just out of interest?


Have you treated acne scars physically yourself before?

And also from the picture from above it is from right to left and hence that shows massive improvement...it is NOT left to right as before there were not the huge craters/divots and somehow they have been filled in

So what makes it also that you actually have a clue? if you are a professor of dermatology or a plastic surgeon yourself?

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@tryinghard123 We are not your Drs' goto a board certified Dr for help, ... if you want get 3 opinions and choose the one you like best. Your cases have nothing to do with each other or anyone else here, everyone is a individual with a different story. When someone tells me they "do not heal poorly," but have received 0% after thousands $$$$$$ of multi -Drs, read below why that might happen. I want to encourage others not tear them down and make them feel terrible about themselves. Flordia Girl see Dr Weiner, your case is very easy to fix, multiple subcisons and filler. Why are you coming to a site for professional advice when no one can give you this here. I have helped thousands of people with acne scarss, your case is the first this has happend, read below why this might be. We both know it's age related as well and you potentially had bad Drs. I am not going to tell you my background, it's not relevant other than yes I work in the field.  I have enough professional credit here that everyone knows who I am as a volunteer. IT seems you do not like anyone's advice. I am sorry for the distrust but your case is very complex. 

Regarding the excision above, she also had filler and subcision, the excisions you can clearly see the scars are still there, they are where the stitches are. She has filler in her cheek, laser done, and subcision. I was giving you a idea that yes excision scars are made and "CAN," show. I gave you a plan, you have your own ideas of what you want to do and that's great. No one can make the decision for you. See 3 board certified plastic surgeons, yes get a mini face lift, ... age related fat loss. Then worry about pits and things. OF course a face lift just stretches the skin, and you said it looked better when you PM's me right...  IF you heal poorly anything done besides filler will cause issues and potentially new scars.


As the other 2 posters are posting on random posts and discouraging others I will continue to post this over and over:

@floridagirl1991 @tryinghard123

We have some comparison going on here, and ... posting in other people's posts telling them their scars are not as bad as your own. Can we not do that, please. 

No scar case is the same, we are not clones, one person could do a million procedures and not be you, your all different ages, ethnic backgrounds, healing capabilities, plans for treatment, outcomes, different surgeons (they treat differently as well), etc, we could go on and on. The point being is never compare yourself to someone else. Sure you can learn from their experience but do we really know every single detail about what was done and why - no.  If someone heals poorly or had a poor Dr they typically hang around here. 

 I see you had a lot of procedures (both) and I am sorry about that. Without knowing all the details of your scar work to analyze where things went  wrong I can give generalized advice. @floridagirl1991 You do need extensive subcision maybe 6-10 sessions if nothing else has worked and you seem to have tethered rolling and boxcar scars. Yes filler should be done. On you with widespread scars I would do cannula subcision w/ over dilute sculptra throughout the cheeks to stimulate collagen, you may use HA filler later on ... individual pits. See Dr Wiener if your in Florida. @tryinghard123 we seem to keep getting into circular thinking, I have helped you through private message, ... you have age related fat loss, and some acne scars (not the same as Florida), you need sculptra also, much more to pull up the cheeks. You told me you want to do excisions, and a facelift to stretch things out w/ fat grafting, which is fine and this is ""your"" choice. Both have different concerns. @tryinghard123 says he has received "0%" improvement after many procedures which is theoretically not possible in the thousands of people I have helped, this is a first.  

Let's go over some reasons why treatments may fail: auto-immune conditions, smoking, poor health and healing, poor treatment techniques by the Dr's, not doing enough treatments, expecting the skin to be glass smooth and instead having gradual % of change over a few years of treatment - many only get 50%, Doing energy work first and blasting the face thus loosing fat and collagen and complaining it got worse, re-occuring acne and scarring in different places, stress, antibiotics, anti depressants, hard drugs, alcohol and the liver, poor gut health, use of bad products that strip or hurt the skin, microneedling causing more scars when they have poor healing, excessive acid peels taking away layers of the skin. A big one is patients being cheap and not doing enough mls of filler, .5ml is not going to be enough filler for excessive scar work or fat loss. If subcision was done in the past with NO filler then yes it will do nothing, If you goto a general Derm and they are clueless this is also a big one, they can make things worse. Scar treatment is often over years time with excessive time of healing, it's not quick, so mono or singular treatments will not do it for your individual scars. Some people cannot do energy devices like laser - it will literally scar them... can't do microneedling ... can't do peels, all that is left is subcision and filler or invasive face lifts. Also the order treatment is done is very important. We don't pave a road correct before the potholes are fixed. When Dr's just laser they often are not fixing the pits.

Your going to tell me: ""but BA, the filler only lasted 1 month in me,"" this is not possible unless your a body builder or have a over active metabolism, ... what happens most of the time is the Dr says ""oh you have only that much, fine I will put a tiny bit of filler here."" Swelling goes away in a month, and patient complains we have no filler anymore, ... of course you didn't get enough. @tryinghard123 really badly wants a permanent filler so be it. But you can have complications "especially" if your a poor healer with health issues. What do you think happens as we age and the skin sags, the filler looks terrible there if injected excessively to fill pits.

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I'm not discouraging anyone.  I'm speaking from my personal experience. I have had no results from treatments and I'm trying to warn people before they mess their skin up even worse like I did. 

I started my scar journey with moderate scars , now they are severe.  Laser made them worse.  I try to steer people away from laser. 

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@floridagirl1991 I know and I respect that each person has a different story and different needs, as I said in great detail above everything is customized to your scar condition and does not relate to others. I do agree that Dr's push laser first and just blast you and the proper way to treat scars is firstly do manual methods of treatment, raise the scars, and the do laser to the individual scars only. Laser is for surface texture, not deep pits. Some people really do need laser once they raise the scars, unless they are determined to do a deep peel with major down time or something. 

I do see your case as a easy fix, you need several sessions of subcision and filler, Dr Weiner is right there in Florida, and if you like the HA filler he is also a expert at Bellafill permanent filler injections. I get that for your plan you do not want energy devices and want to stay with manual methods, cool.  

I wish you well in your treatments. 


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