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Don't wait for a miracle to happen!

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As the title say don't wait for a miracle to happen ! I waited and I waited and I trust all the bullshits from dermatologists . I should be put on Accutane a lot time ago.  All of them said my acne is moderate , not severe with mild scarring.. BULLSHIT . I trust them . I was thinking : "He /She is a doctor and they will treat me bcz they know what to do "....I'm very seriously when I say the majority of derms are completely idiots. I almost finished my 3 months with tretinoin , I wanna tell u guys tretinoin make me to break out so hard in first month . It was so bad and now I'm left with scars in a place I used to be clear for years.

PLEASE don't be scared to take accutane , I wasted my time with all the bullshits treatments " isotrexin , tretinoin , tetracycline , metronidasol , doxy , duac , skinoren , zynerit etc etc . Oh my goood I can't describe the pain I'm feeling right now...If u notice ur acne is scarring the ONLY thing you can do is to find a derm which will put you immediately on Accutane

I was soo sure I need Accutane BUT in the same time I was scared when I read some of the bad stories about it , maybe that stop me a little bit to find a derm which will put me on it immediately . My acne wasn't that bad if I look back at my photos but I was desperate to find help . Things like tretinoin and isotrexin may clear you a little bit eventually but they will make u to break out soo hard in the first month. 
I can't think that happened to me , I used to look in the mirror and I was like : wow i'm so clear there..and now I'm full of scars . 
Acne is horrible , I feel like I lose my mind everyday more and more , be realistic , stop praying for a miracle, once you get the scars ..that's it you will have them 4ever .Go right now on Accutane . I'm aware and I know Accutane may not work but is the only thing you can do to prevent scarring . I hope I will be able to start Accutane in autumn bcz now I'm still on tretinoin ...

PS:Sry for bad english ,peace and love!

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sadly this is why almost all of us are here. i still cant get accutane even though ive been on every other medication and nothing has worked and my main problem is uncontrollable oily skin which accutane would be perfect for

derms think accutane is extremely dangerous but they dont understand how consistant acne and scarring will literally ruin someones life

however there are lots of cases when people come off accutane, the acne comes back and leaves scarring as the skin cannot heal like it used to pre drug. so you never know what would of happened.

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I agree with this 100%.   If your acne is scarring, it will not get better on its own.   It shows that your skin type has a propensity to scar, so aggressive action MUST be taken as soon as possible.   I was also blinded by all the fear mongering online about Accutane, which are totally overblown, and went years before I took it.  The one thing I regret the most is not getting on Accutane sooner.  


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I know you can diminish scars a lot but ....it s not the same thing . Some months ago I was sad cuz of my scars now I'm ruined.. the idiot derm said me not to worry cuz it's ok , cuz I'm young and they will heal.....YEA SURE NICE JOKE DERM..now I'm left with more scars and there's a hugeee chance to get more and more

The  point here is : If you have acne , check ur face in all types of lightning you can find , if u see ur acne left you with scars DON'T EVEN DARE TO THINK oh loook I'm ok I have little scarring and I can't live with it . Nope , acne sucks and it's horrible and  will get worse and typically treatments have a very little chance to work..

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2 hours ago, holdingontohope said:

Accutane is not gonna fix some deeply rooted problem. It will just come back.

 I have no idea what this means.

Accutane cured my severe cystic acne.
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Yes! This! 

I feel exactly the same. I wish I'd taken Accutane sooner. I actually took it twice, but with too long a delay in between. I struggled to find a derm to prescribe it to me privately and gave up a couple of times, after the NHS (I'm in the UK) didn't deem my acne severe enough. I wish I'd taken it two/three times as a teenager. 
I, also bought into the idea that I'd grow out of it eventually, and didn't think it was scarring. I didn't and it was. 

I feel so let down by the GPs, the dermatologists. My parents for not taking it seriously ( which I actually consider a form of neglect) and by *myself* for not being relentless and getting the care I needed. The problem is that the acne also undermines your self worth to the extent that you don't have the confidence or the belief in your worth to feel able fight for the treatment you deserve, I think. 

I'm so angry about it too. You're not alone. 

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I took accutane at age 15 and again at 19. I was happy 16 to 17 that it cleared the acne, however breakouts again at age 18-19 were extremely bad. Worse than any I had previously. Giant cysts all around my face. I rarely got acne on my lower cheeks or jaw area until after accutane...  In short, I believe that accutane is bad.  I think what it does is 'shock the system' into getting rid of acne for a while. But long term it can lead to worse acne and worse scarring. I also believe it weakened my hair which before was thick and strong to becoming thinner.

If I could go back in time I would have looked more closely at diet for example. My acne was always quite bad (not just moderate). I am convinced that if I'd gotten through the teenage years without accutane (not to mention a lot of antibiotics etc) it would eventually have cleared by itself. I'd have less scarring today.
I also believe that it affects the liver and other functions long-term. I can't prove this as my functions were not monitored back then or I don't remember. Just some experiences of ill-health a couple of years later. I felt that my immune system was weaker etc. My health is ok now but in my 20s I would say my health overall was not as good as it should have been.

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It comes back in the majority of cases. Have you tried changing eating habits drank more water stopped picking. Self love comes from within a clear face isn't going to solve your self esteem issues. An thats the truth.

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