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how many people here have experienced improvement by fractional laser?

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Hi I am Vincent

I have had my own share of treatments and looking for a treatment that can improve overall complexion, ice picks scars small scars.

My question is if fractional laser has had any benefits?
How many treatments did it take?
How long did it take to heal?

My story I have had co2 angel-prp fractora subisicion combination done by dr Khan gave me like 40 to 60 % improvement I felt great for a year. Wasn' t even on this site for a full year. Now the scars and overall complexion is getting worse again. I smoke and still have very moderate acne.  I tried dermarolling with 1,5 needle for scars and it helps a little. It is like the collagen is going out of my skin because of age acne etc and it is becoming more apparent.   I am considering 2 options 1 is going for 2,5mm needles and 2 is fractional laser. Just something I can do once a while without the weeks of downtime.

I don't really trust dermatologist over people who have experienced it themselfs

Also had peeling done which helps overall complexion and small scars, not the deep ones.

I would go back to dr Khan, it is just expensive and the treatment itself was very painful couldn't move for like an hour after because my nerves where exposed. I tend to pick scabs although I didn't this time I don't trust myself on another round of deep laser and it took a huge emotional toll because of the downtime, pain and staying in a foreign country. My way back to the Netherlands I was wearing like a moist yellow bandage on the plane and looked like a swollen burned tomato. So not up for that experience again.

I am still better then I was a year ago. Had my share of depression obsession social anxiety anger stress. Hope it never gets to that level ever again. Hope you can share your experience.


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sounds rough bro, how did you recover from such a aggressive treatment? did you suffer any fat loss or additional scarring?

know what you mean when I had my lasers the packed train home is a real test of mental strength, i remember the people sitting around me looking at me like a freak of nature. like literally just starring at my skin for the whole journy homewhile i just look at the floor

and i would never touch fraxel, but seems like your skin responds much better to lasers than mine

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Yes I was so sick of scarring I couldn't care if they lit me on fire, afterwards it was a bit of a shocker. I could have done anesthetics but it would have cost me 800 pounds.  I actually went in shock after the co2 had to sit there for two hours, every breeze was burning because of exposed nerves.  the pain went away after angel prp because my blood contained so much endorfine. The plane home I was like the walking dead sunglasses made it a lot easier. Was acting like I just climbed the mount Everest.

A train have opposite sites that must have sucked. Yes been there eyes looking down, used to have a psychologist (went there because of the mental state I was in because of all the social pressure in combination with social anxiety and depression from scars and acne) who thought I had autism because I didn't look here in the eyes.:smileys_n_people_30: She also told me scar treatment wouldn't help bladiebla (who cares)

Found it was strange that I passed the border with bandages on. 

I haven't got the best skin for laser, I am going to try palomar laser. Will  have to stop smoking and take colored vegetables and protein. 
Just hope the dermatologist is qualified I don't trust "professionals" anymore who act like all will be fine. I have scars on my body, one actually made them worse with co2 laser it took a year before it healed, she told me they would go away completely.

Sorry to hear laser didn't work out for you, doesn't help that you are broke. You could try derma rolling.
If you ever get money you dr khan is like the best in the world and knows a few tricks to make your skin heal faster.

Try to stay positive somehow and do whatever you can. Sport (going to a prostitute with a bottle of wine), meditating, staying hopeful,  change your thinking, whatever it takes. I am not the best at it myself

I recovered in ten days, the angel prp, vegetables, protein stopping smoking, moisturizing creams, fractora plenty of sleep helped me heal fast enough.

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